[tor-project] Community team October 2017 update

Alison Macrina alison at torproject.org
Thu Nov 9 23:31:00 UTC 2017

Hello Tor World,

Behold, the Community Team did some work in October:

October 2017 Community Team report

Meeting notes October 2017

Tor Meeting Montreal
A bunch of us went to the Tor Meeting and had a great time! We had
sessions on things like Global South outreach, the support portal,
creating a code of conduct, and more. You can find the notes from those
sessions, plus all the other sessions from the meeting, here:

Support portal
In October we began working more intensively with the UX team and hiro
to build support.torproject.org, which will replace the current support
wiki which is not very beautiful and not very easy for users to find.
The new support portal will be beautiful and searchable with answers to
all the most frequently asked questions about using Tor. After the
support portal goes live, we will continue adding new content to it.
We're also prioritizing localization for the portal.

Front Desk
We started promoting frontdesk at torproject.org for user questions.
Ideally, once the support portal is in place, this address will receive
much less traffic.

Community documents
We made a ton of progress on the Code of Conduct draft at the Montreal
meeting. We expect to get this out for the proposal period by the end of

Library Freedom Project
LFP got a beautiful website redesign thanks to Mike Finch. Check it out:

We're also doing the preliminary work for Library Freedom Institute, our
new IMLS-supported 6-month privacy training program for US librarians.
We'll open up the call for participants when the grant begins in May.

Tor talks
Sukhbir gave a talk at the CJFE in Toronto:

Alison gave a talk at the Ohio Library Council's annual conference in
Dayton, Ohio.

Tor meetups

There is a Tor meetup planned for Primavera Hacker, which will take
place December 2-3 in Santiago, Chile. We hope to encourage many meetups
like this, and we're currently thinking about how we could get funding
to support them.

Team roadmap

Like the other teams, we worked on the community team roadmap a bunch at
the Montreal meeting and right after. Teams are now in the stage of
working out dependencies and adding them to our roadmaps, so once that's
finished, we'll publish our roadmap on the community team wiki. The
major themes of our roadmap include user support, Global South outreach,
relay operator support, improving the Tor Meeting, Library Freedom
Institute, more Tor talks from more people, community documents, and

Alison Macrina
Community Team Lead
The Tor Project

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