[tor-project] Network team meeting notes, 6 nov 2017

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Mon Nov 6 18:00:56 UTC 2017

Hi!  You can find the logs from our weekly meeting here:


Below is the pad we used for our updates and discussions:

Network team meeting pad, 6 November 2017

Welcome to our meeting!  Every monday at 1700 UTC on #tor-meeting on OFTC.
(This channel is logged while meetings are in progress.)

Want to participate?  Awesome!  Here's what to do:
    1. If you have updates, enter them below, under your name.
    2. If you see anything you want to talk about in your updates, put them
in *boldface*!
    3. Show up to the IRC meeting and say hi!

Note the meeting location: #tor-meeting on OFTC!
for background.)

Meeting notes from last week:

   - *


    * [dgoulet] I know it is quite big and it is fine to not reply but then
that means I'll just go forward with what I think is best and we'll see
from there ("Connection, Channel and Scheduler - An Intense Trek"):
    * Please do not forget about 0.3.2! *How to get it stable?*

Discussion topics:
    * Anybody great in the broader community to highlight this past week?

   -     [dgoulet: "Hello71" on IRC has been profiling and chasing memleaks
   lately, very useful imo. Also, someone submitted a patch to torsocks to
   fix it with Rust program #24116]

    * Still a few hackerone reports that need to be triaged by the fuzzer
    * Did we finish everything from october?

Updates: (Please use *boldface* to indicate discussion topics)

  [might be offline during the meeting, we'll see!]
  Last week:
    - HSv3 tickets in the 032 milestone.
    - Review tickets in the 032 milestone.
    - Worked on the prop224 control port specification which I just sent on
      tor-dev@ today:
    - Worked on a tor-dev@ thread about the connection, channel and
    - From that thread ^, the improved scheduler interface came out for
      but not yet public as I'm waiting on possibly more feedback on the
      thread before going further.
    - We had a series of bad-relays last week that needed some
investigation so
      I had to put some times in the health of the network side of things.
    - Profiling of 032 relay: #24127
  This week:
    - Continue the roadmap tasks I have that is the HS circuit timoue
      and scheduler work.
    - Prop224 control port work aimed at 033 so I want to start the review
      soon as possible for an "early" merge.
    - 032 ticket review and address my tickets as well in that milestone.

  [Might be a bit late for the mtng but will be there]
  Last week:
  - Lots of microdescriptor work. Did some debugging and some bugfixing.
    #23985 and #24113 and #23989.
  - Mainly worked on #23817: an important md issue. Pushing branch
tonight. *[NM:
how complex will it be?]*
  - Also published prop224 blog post. We have now officially launched.
    the blog comments and the hackernews discussion.
  - Did some digging into the guard discovery stuff but not too much.
  - Some prop224 reviewing and ticket handling.
  This week:
  - More microdescriptor fixing. This is the highest priority for me rn.
  - Catching up with prop224 work and maybe guard discovery if time permits.
  - Will learn more info about my future phd and my future schedule.

    Last week:
        - Worked on revised (Shamir-based) privcount design
        - Much review & merge
        - Roadmapping coordination with other teams
        - Reviewed prop283 (ipv6 address into consensus for Teor)
        - Dealt with fuzzing false-positives from oss-fuzz; found one real
memory leak (#24150)
    This week:
        - Several proposals, including:
            - Revised privcount data collector behavior (#22955)
            - Improved APIs for control on mobile/embedded systems (#24107,
            - Ed25519 ID -> Consensus proposal (#23170, plus #24103)
        - Release another 0.3.2 alpha on Tuesday or Wednesday, ideally
including the following. (*are they yours?*):
            - #23816 Use exponential backoff with jitter and/or tune its
            - #24150 Memory leak in v3 hsdesc parsing with empty encrypted
            - #23414 rep_hist_format_hs_stats() should add noise, then round
            - #23623 hs: Cache current time period number and SRV start time
        - Review dgoulet's big scheduler/channel/connection email, time
        - Meeting w Mozilla people about Tor integeration
        - Bug people about the *5 remaining tickets* in review-group-24
        - Absent much of Tuesday & Friday

    Last week:
        Sponsor 8:
        - Wrote a patch to use Android's logging subsystem directly in Tor
(ahf/android-logging on GL.com).
            - Looked into the syslog() inteface on Android as well and
whether it works with adb's logging features too
              on all devices.
        - Created tickets for the performance and measurement work as well
as controller interface bugs for
          battery/bandwidth control.
        - Wrote an introduction to Google's simpleperf tool for Tor:

          (if you want to play around with the tool without doing all the
device stuff you can download the sample file
          I made last week at
        - Started documenting `systrace` and `dumpsys` to get memory and
battery information out of the device.
        - Started looking into Shawn's capsicum sandbox patches.
    This week:
        Sponsor 8:
        - Finish docuumenting and testing, ideally get someone else to try
it out too.
        - Start working on #24065.
        - If I have time: setup an fdroid repository with "daily" builds of
Orbot with tor.git's master version of Tor.
        - See if there is anything I need to prepare for the OTF meeting
next week. Follow up on Isa's email on the

    Last week (2017-W44):
        - HackerOne triage
        - helped with bwauth trouble with control port oddities (#24110,
        - reviewing #23816. download_status code is very hard to read.
updated #23354 and filed 24152 in hopes we can improve this
        - updated team wiki page with meetin time changes for DST stuff
    This week (2017-W45):
        - more jittered backoff review work (#23816)
        - review other tickets (#23523, maybe others)
        - *try to coordinate more with others about HackerOne triage*
        - investigate bootstrap hangs (mostly clock skew related?) some more
        - sponsor8 bookkeeping (ticket tagging, etc.)

    Last week:
        - worked on sponsor8 Q3 report (august and september)
        - organized first meeting for teams to share their roadmaps
        - pinged testers to test our network speed
    This week:
        - submit sponsor8 Q3 report (august and september)
        - Tor Launcher work check in - moat implementation, check in with
Browser team too, progress bar msgs. *[check-in note for: nick, catalyst,
        - hope to get ux team with a roadmap to share soon - will share all
roadmaps and its dicussions on tor-project ml

    This week:
        - I will look at ESTRABLISH_INTRO, INTRODUCE1, and INTRODUCE2 and
see if any of them is worth fuzzing

    Last week:
        - reviewed #22342, a new buf-to-string api
        - worked mostly on #15967 and #22871 (moat stuff), which is coming
along quite well but still has a couple kinks in it
        - deployed new bridgedb so that bridge-distribution-request lines
are respected
        - planning/travel for mozilla all-hands in december
        - got setup in hackerone
    This week:
        - reimbursements for montréal
        - #22871 bugs and deploying a preliminary setup for testing
*        - wanted to talk with catalyst about writing down how we plan to
use the github account, but other things might have to take priority this


   - Last week:

   - - Getting back up to speed on things and trying to normalize sleep

   - - Writing tests for #23114 and #23100

   This week:
        - Really trying to finish #23114 and #23100
        - Paperwork, airfare, expense reports, time sheets for past couple
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