[tor-project] Notes from November 2 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Nov 3 07:35:06 UTC 2017

Notes for November 2 2017 meeting:

1) Making good progress on integrating webstats into CollecTor, but not
there yet.

1) I'm finally getting time for the Tor Research Safety Board open cases
this week
2) Alison and I should conspire to pitch a "tor relay operator liaison"
paid position [alison: I have lots of notes on this from the meeting and
also it's on the community team roadmap!]
3) Rob Jansen and I are submitting an NSF CRI Preliminary proposal
today, on Shadow enhancements
4) Rome invites
5) Still optimistic about the China work

1) kudos to Isabela for organizing inter-team roadmap-share. Let's all
remember to treat it as an alpha process, and iterate.
2) more hacking, more programming, stuff goes onward.
3) Another alpha next week. Trying to do two per month.
4) It's November!  PLEASE REMEMBER that many people go on vacations in
December: if you need to coordinate with another human, plan accordingly!

1) Final month for Sponsor4 stuff (looking at the remaining things it
still seems doable to meet the deadline modulo the moat work maybe)
[isa: we did got the extension for jan 31st]

1) got some grant proposals in
2) end of year campaign going pretty well; October donations:
2014-$4,025, 2015-$22,190, 2016-$45,840, 2017-$56,664
3) emailing major donors
4) getting ready for quick trip to San Francisco next week to meet with
a potential funder
5) out of the office week after next for OTF Summit in Valencia
6) starting invitation process for Rome
7) we're moving headquarters to a bigger office downstairs in the same

1) still brainstorming a RightsCon talk
2) also thinking about a Tor State of the Onion for LibrePlanet. Will
discuss more with Steph tomorrow
3) the support portal is being built! hiro, Antonela, and Isa got right
to work. Phoul and I gave them the content and are standing by. :)
really excited about this.
4) one more day for Montreal meeting feedback; then we'll discuss it here.
5) meeting with some tor-south folks next week to talk about LatAm Tor
Meetup needs and looking for some funding for that
6) Phoul and I are working on the blog post to encourage relay operators
7) waiting on some feedback about the code of conduct draft from Erin
Wyatt and the Community Council. hoping to get it out for the proposal
period in another week or so. anyone who wants to view and comment on
the current draft can contact me.

1) Fundraising campaign going well
2) Tommy published a post on the new dirauth
3) Working w asn on next-gen post and sharing
4) Newsletter portal is ready, hiro added to the site. Will send an
issue next week and once a month including donate call to action. We'll
send a fundraising email every 2 weeks
5) Phoul helped me get the Tor Animation title translated
6) Talking to Alison tomorrow about LibrePlanet submission

1) working on DRL report
2) working on inter-teams roadmaps coordination
3) organizing things at the UX team to resume meetings next week - sent
a note to the UX list about it.
4) submitted modularization proposal last friday and design proposal
last monday
5) was invited to be part of a panel organized by MDF at the end of the
6) planning at being in Seattle for the holiday party :)

1) Published a blog post on writing cross platform desktop apps:
2) Reviewed tickets related to improving mobile app embedding of Tor
3) CIPIT Kenya published a post based on OONI data, examining throttling
during the elections:
4) Maria will be presenting OONI at FSCONS in Oslo this week
5) Started writing a specification and threat model for the OONI Probe
orchestration system
6) Doing logistics around organising the OONI presence at CCC (having a
stall, ordering t-shirts and other swag, etc.)

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