[tor-project] Grants Update, October 2017

Tommy Collison tommyc at torproject.org
Wed Nov 1 16:58:44 UTC 2017

Quick report on what I got up to in October.


- Submitted a grant to DRL to modularize Core Tor.
- Gave OTF more info about our design proposal.
- Researched a whole bunch of new grants and started noodling on grants
stuff for 2018.

As a reminder, https://pipeline.torproject.net exists as a place where
you can tell me about projects you’d do if you had the funding. What
gets funded isn’t my decision, but I can do research and maybe play
matchmaker with suitable foundations.


- We launched our end-of-year crowdfunding campaign! [1] We’ve raised
over $50,000 in the first week alone (i.e. $100,000, thanks to Mozilla’s
matching program). Super grateful to the rest of the comms team for
their help getting this off the ground. o/
- Coordinated Tor’s participation in the Outreachy internship program.
- This weekend, I’ll be down in San Francisco for the Aaron Swartz
hackathon. See ya there? [2]
- Dyed my hair blue [3].

[1] https://blog.torproject.org/powering-digital-resistance-help-mozilla
[2] https://www.aaronswartzday.org/sanfrancisco/
[3] https://twitter.com/tommycollison/status/921781336737660928

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