[tor-project] Notes from May 25 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon May 29 07:19:11 UTC 2017

Notes for May 25 2017 meeting:

 * Question about network team hiring progress?
 * Synchronizing wrt tor-launcher features, security plans, on drl-new
(sponsor8) contract
 * Request: let's consider a parallel on-pad update methodology for
these meetings?
 * out, coming soon.

 * getting ready to host a bunch of people in Seattle next week
 * update on communications director hiring
 * update on unixstickers
 * focusing on various funding proposals, getting Tommy up to speed
 * going through old press tickets and updating our press list

 * Worked with Isa on the tor-launcher automation doc
 * Talked with Matt about the blog.
 * Continued working on Guard meeting plans and padding

 * moving forward with Tor Browser 7.0 work
 * Do we need someone taking care of press related things after 7.0 gets
released? <- we don't have someone particular for that

 * shared notes about the Tor Launcher automation feature - now is time
to collect problems with the V1 implementation, so we can think on how
to fix those / change the implementation and get to a final plan so a
roadmap can be build (by when we need each team task etc). Next meeting
is on Wed at 1800utc
 * Met with Tommy - went over metrics proposal, also other proposals and
what teams are working on etc Would be nice to talk about new proposals
besides the current ones under review that we should be writing while we
are in Seattle.

 * nonstop work on IMLS proposal
 * submitted Lush Digital Fund proposal
 * just finished a month of intense travel for LFP trainings. Will be
doing many fewer trainings this summer!
 * work on the support portal continues, and Phoul is still covering all
the questions that come into the RT desk
 * Samdney is working on support for the mirror operators
 * membership guidelines are just about ready to go into the proposal
phase, but I've been asked not to have that overlap with the network
team meeting mid-June, so I will probably send it around to a few people
for final edits and then start the discussion right when the network
team meeting ends
 * Global South outreach is going well.
 * in Seattle next week, and my big priority there is to work on the
Community Team roadmap and dependencies

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