[tor-project] Notes from May 11 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon May 15 09:41:35 UTC 2017

Notes for May 11 2017 meeting:

1) Wrapping up 0.3.1.x features; on to bugfixes next.
2) Progress wrt personnel

1) Lots of grantwriting
2) Trying to make it to Seattle at the end of this month/beginning of next.
3) LFP just initiated a big survey to many of our participating
libraries to see what they've done wrt privacy practices and policies.
4) Community team continues to work on support portal content.
5) The trainers we're working with in Pakistan just wrapped up a big
youth summit in Peshawar. Waiting for the report back on that!
6) Community team members will be helping with the mirror list redesign

1) Releasing tomorrow a new version of ooniprobe mobile with 4
additional languages: Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Greek
2) Wrote/published OONI team status report for April
3) We now have much better monitoring of OONI infrastructure based on
prometheus with alerting to slack, IRC and email when pieces of the
infrastructure go down
4) On Sunday Maria and Arturo are going to be speaking at Open Source
Conference Albania (https://oscal.openlabs.cc/)

1) Reviewing applications for Communications Director. Setting up
initial interviews for next week.
2) Preparing for board meeting.
3) Begun researching strategic planning firms.
4) Edited grant proposals.
5) Getting ready for Tommy (writer) to start. Lining up things for him
to do.
6) Preparing for a bunch of people coming to Seattle in a couple of weeks.

1) Met with Isa an Isis about bridge distribution
2) Discussed new hires for DRL with Isa; we still need a little budget
3) Working on padding branches

1) sent reviewed DRL proposal to Laura - sent out deliverables to
stakeholders involved in the proposal
2) working on organize network team hackfest
3) met with mike and isis on building the experience for tor launcher
automation (notes to come)
4) writing sponsor4 april report (little late with this one)
5) hiro should freeze the blog today and we will start the migration to
the new blog - we will have a blog post up and email tor-project about that
6) linda is working on wireframes of the new portals with antonella and
will be at SIF next week
7) my article on coding rights (anti-vigilancia) newsletter was
published, is about how to use orbot and orfox. Lots of ppl at
cryptorave liked it a lot because they heard all day about tor and
appreciate to learn how to use it on mobile. (will tweet it from
torproject is in PT and ES)
8) synced with Brad and others on things we can invoice for sponsorR and
9) still on prep-work to get the job posts out - hopefully pads for job
descriptions will be send out by EOW

1) we are about to release another alpha (probably the last one before
Tor Browser 7.0) to test our latest fixes
2) preparations for SIF
3) thought a bit more about our upcoming work regarding the bridge
distribution problem (Sponsor4, obj 2.2)

1) We'll likely complete fourth of six Sponsor X deliverables by the end
of this week.
2) We're going to have iwakeh as backup operator for CollecTor really soon.
3) We're planning to put out metrics-lib 1.7.0 soon and 2.0.0 in June.

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