[tor-project] Notes from May 4 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon May 8 08:01:46 UTC 2017

Notes for May 4 2017 meeting:

1) Digicert renewals (plural)
1.1) blog.torproject.org (expires june 14.)
1.2) fa-blog.torproject.org (seems not to be used? redirects to blog.tpo)
1.3) petsymposium (not needed any more; we switched to let'sencrypt?)
1.3.1) Plan: see if we can move it all to letsencrypt; if not, tell nick
and he'll renew.
1.3.2) Update: during the meeting, arma asked weasel and weasel said
he'd migrate the blog cert to letsencrypt.  nickm's current plan is to
renew nothing.
2) Personnel: adding an engineer
3) Possibility of sprint to work on guard discovery resistance?

Things to discuss:
1) Torcoin. Trademarks in general.
2) Status of blog conversion?
3) GSoC decisions come out todayish.
Things I did in the last week:
4) I published our 2015 financials, and helped Linus publish some corp docs
5) I finished my two PETS reviews
6) I did several more talks and panels (Miami, Denver, Philly), to help
the public understand "the dark web"
7) Writing Defcon submission (due today)
8) I should write up SponsorR milestones for Brad
9) Brad and I should make a plan re NSF foreigner funding question
10) Fastly blog post
11) Organize PETS stipends
12) Answer guard discovery meet-up thread
13) Answer VG and Comcast conference invite
14) Look at Linda's website mail
15) execdir@ forwards to Colin

1) More content creation for support portal
2) More grantwriting
3) Lots of trainings last week/this week/this month
4) Other stuff the community team is working on: Global South meeting
ideas, Global South outreach/training and the coordination thereof,
relay operator support, membership guidelines.

1) Lots of productive meetings in New York last week. Good meeting with
Mitchell Baker of Mozilla this week. Doing followup this week.
2) Hired a writer (Tommy Collison) who starts 5/20. Circulating job
description for communications director. Figuring out tasks for new writer.
3) Researching strategic planning for open source projects. Reached out
to Sue Gardner about Wikimedia. Also looking at processes used by
Mozilla and Red Hat.
4) Settled on dates for Montreal meeting. We should start thinking about
team meeting day.
5) Lots of edits on lots of grants.
6) Talking with lots of folks about Tor's place in Internet of Things.

1) Finally submitted funding proposal that was due April 30.
2) Made OnionPerf's onion service measurements available on Tor Metrics
as beta.
3) Started preparing for metrics-lib 1.7.0 and 2.0.0 releases this month
and possibly the next, with a planned blog post in June.
4) Started using Harvest for time tracking.
5) Got a new CollecTor mirror up and running.

1) Mainly worked on fixing Tor Browser 7.0 related bugs
2) Cross-team coordination for the bridge automation work

1) Refreshed the Guard discovery (Prop247) branch and reviewed currently
open questions for a meeting.
2) Followed up with Mozilla's IoT person. Didn't hear back (spam
filtering of @torproject.org?)
3) Helping with Bridge testing design
4) Meeting with Isa next week. Hopefully we will both also have a chance
to talk to an an ethnographic researcher doing work on anonymity.

1) Submitted Metrics proposal
2) Working on proposal review questions - if all goes well we think this
work will start in July.
2.1) Will send email with deliverables list to all stakeholders to start
preparing teams for this work
3) Had meeting on Tor Launcher automation work (trying to see what are
the dependencies on different teams (under different sponsors
deliverables) - sending out a summary this week as well as some next steps
4) Lots of new hiring coming up with proposals being approved  - I am
starting to prepare the work for drafting those job posts, defining the
positions and will reach out to stakeholders to coordinate writing.
5) Hiro - had progress on blog migration work - we will need to freeze
it for some time and will coordinate that with the community.
6) Linda is working on wireframes for the new portals / she is doing
this work with a volunteer for now. She will be at Stockholm internet
freedom event from SIDA
7) Plan on sending roadmaps to tor-project list / and send user growth
strategy update

1) Made a great deal of progress in implementing the client side
component of orchestration
2) We now have 100% ooniprobe translations in Greek, Farsi, Arabic and
Russian that are going to be part of next weeks release

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