[tor-project] Damian's Status Report - February 2017

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Fri Mar 3 18:17:32 UTC 2017

Jury duty this month, but that was more than made up for with
tasty, tasty pizza - thank you Shari! February had lots of
great stuff.

Google Summer of Code

We have been accepted!


Got a project to pitch? It's not too late! Students are already
rolling into irc so if you want to mentor this summer the
sooner you let me know the better.

Community Council

Tag teaming with Alison on a formal proposal for our community
council. Initial council attempt hit some potholes but I'm
glad for it since it's given us a much better idea of what
we want the council to become.

Fingers crossed that it's successful!


Besides this just a handful of Stem changes...

  * Patrick migrated our cryptographic descriptor validation
    from pycrypto (which is unmaintained) to cryptography. (#21086)

  * Further sped up our tests. Unit and integ tests now run
    15% faster, and @only_run_once is fixed so the 'RUN_ALL'
    target is dramatically faster.

  * Corrected unesacaping of controller responses. Thansk to this
    authentication cookies with non-English characters in their
    path now work.

See ya all in Amsterdam!

PS. Swapping from tor-reports@ to tor-project@ for this because
we're likely gonna be merging the former into this list.

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