[tor-project] Reviving the 'Trac discussion' - next meeting on July 11th

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Tue Jun 27 16:07:08 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since we started evaluating if we want to find
alternatives to Trac.

You might remember we sent a survey out to collect more info, and based
on the answers we believe we should figure out a better solution.


In Amsterdam meeting we hosted a discussion on the results of our survey
and up to this moment we have been evaluating gitlab as a possible
alternative to Trac or eventually as a possible code review tool we can use.

But this has been a little 'loose' and we wanted to organize things
better in order to be able to make decisions and move forward.

Therefore we are thinking of breaking this into 3 'tasks' we want to
cover for development:

    * continue integration - jenkins is doing this now for us (only used
for internal contributors tho, would be nice to think of a way external
contributors could use it / maybe setting up travis for them)

    * code review - We have a test gitlab instance running at
https://oniongit.eu [or emuo4mf6vwghcaqn.onion]. Network team has
accounts on it and we would like to have more people testing it. Please
bear in mind that this is a test machine, it is not backed up, and can
be slow on occasions.

    * issue tracker - could be gitlab or another solution, we are still
looking into how to solve this one

(yes, the wiki is not on this list for now)

So! We would like to propose the following moving forward:

1. Meet on irc to answer any questions on this new approach and get more
people trying our gitlab testing installation [MEETING IS ON JULY 11TH
TUESDAY AT 1400 UTC ON #tor-project channel]

2. Set up a 'end date' for our gitlab testing phase - that is why we
would like more folks trying it out

3. Look into a plan to provide CI for external contributors (using
travis maybe?)

4. Create a list of requests for what we need for issue tracker and see
what to do about that

We believe that covering the points above will help us move forward with
this project.

Please reach out to hiro if you'd like to have access to the gitlab test
set up. Any questions/feedback is welcome as always.

isabela and hiro o/

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