[tor-project] Update from Tor's Community Council

Jens Kubieziel maillist at kubieziel.de
Mon Jun 26 22:40:19 UTC 2017

Hi friends,

I am writing on behalf of the Community Council with some updates.

We wanted to be in touch and let folks know what we have been up to
since the recent election.

We have had several meetings with the new Council (Alison, qbi, Linda,
Hiro, Gunner). We are enjoying working together.

In the near term, we are prioritizing the drafting of policies and
procedures for the Council.

Our plan is to draft these sequentially and then ask for community input
once we think specific policies and procedures are ready for feedback.

Procedures we are drafting include case handling, Council operations
(e.g. when and how we meet), and Council elections.

Policies we are drafting include conflict of interest, operational
security (in particular what we store and where), and confidentiality
(what is and is not confidential).

We welcome anyone interested to reach out to any or all Council members
if you have input, questions or concerns you would like to share 

We'll continue to update the community at least once a month.


Jens Kubieziel                                   http://www.kubieziel.de
Weisheit ist mehr als Wissen: Es kommt darauf an, was zu tun ist, und
nicht, was zunächst getan werden soll. Herbert Clarke Hoover
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