[tor-project] Notes from June 22 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jun 23 08:53:45 UTC 2017

Notes for June 22 2017 meeting:

1) Tor Meeting invite draft -- ready to send to tor-internal?
2) working on the Community Team roadmap
3) Colin is almost finished setting up the support wiki
4) keeping an eye on the membership policy conversation
5) tying up a lot of loose ends created from vacation and grantwriting
earlier this month!

1) Wilmington went well! Ask us questions if you have any.
2) New film from the Citizen Lab people? We should help draw attention
to it!
3) This week I helped finalize the FOCI program. I'm shepherding a paper.
4) I relaunched the membership guidelines discussion internally. Ongoing.
5) I'm excited to see the Montreal invite thread move forward.
6) My Defcon talk is now scheduled:
7) Tomorrow Colin and Tom Ritter and I are doing an AMA for Transifex
8) I'm trying to catch up on my logistics stuff before I disappear again
on July 8.
9) Upcoming todo items include SponsorR attention and NSF attention.

1) Wilmington was a thing.
2) Moving forward with 0.3.1, 0.3.2 work.
3) Collaborating with Isa on mapping net team members to projects & vice
versa. Step afterwards is to make sure that programming plan and
financial plan match
4) Nothing seems to be on fire right now!

1) talked more with strategic planner
2) talking with Giant Rabbit's Richard Esguerra (formerly of EFF) about
leading our end-of-year campaign
3) several applications to MDF for various things.
4) job description out for browser developer
5) working with comms team on messaging and getting up to speed.

1) Published report on recent censorship findings in Egypt:
https://ooni.torproject.org/post/egypt-censors/ (these findings also
show the blocking of the Tor network, torproject.org,
bridges.torproject.org, and ooni.torproject.org).
2) Updated the Egyptian and Palestinian test lists:
3) Lots of logistics in preparation for the upcoming OONI Partner
Gathering (we also ordered some OONI T-Shirts!)
4) Maria is in touch with the Campaign Director of Avaaz who is
interested in making Tor more available/accessible to people in Egypt
and elsewhere around the world. We have been providing them advice on
how to do so, but if you'd like to get in touch with them as well, let
us know and Maria will introduce you.
5) Made considerable amount of progress on implementing the next
generation OONI measurements API backed by the new pipeline:
6) Have been testing with Lorenzo push notification on iOS for the
upcoming mobile app release

1) Released metrics-lib 1.8.2 and 1.9.0, scheduled metrics-lib 2.0.0 for
second half of next week.
2) Wrote blog post draft for metrics-lib 2.0.0 release with help by
Stephanie and Tommy.

1) I seem to have a ton of people's timesheets showing up in my harvest
account for approval (they were not in the approval list for me that
Brad sent, either). Is this supposed to be happening?  [brad: I'm
working to resolve some of the setup issues now]
2) Fixing netflow bugs/tickets.
3) Next week is the Mozilla all hands meeting. Anything I should bring
up there? (Erinn mentioned the new TBB positions. Anything else?)

1) New job posts for DRL mobile grant - we should start drafting them,
Geko you will be out for vacation, how should we proceed? | after
vacation o/
2) Organizing NSF work with Roger and network team / get a subset of
Brad's ppl time allocation per sponsor spreadsheet to Nick
3) sponsor4 may report / invoices updates to brad
4) super late with this because of other things that took priority ->
trying to finish 2017/18 update / finish tor launcher feature brief
update based on june 2nd meeting  / but!!!! that doesn't mean things
aren't moving, Linda is doing wireframes, Isis is working on moat api.
5) Hiro has a new layout from ux team for the blog, which fixes bad user
experience tickets. I spoke with network team in Wilmington about gitlab
and got some feedback for hiro on how to move fwd with it.
6) Linda reviewed tor launcher wireframes - should be shared with the
team soon, very exciting! Next week Linda will be at MOSS all hands, so
hopefully she will get more feedback there. Reviewing mocks for website,
so we can pick up on that when Linda is back.
7) randomly helping the new peeps on different small tasks, reviewing
SOI for DRL and trying to get the onboarding wiki page done

1) Moving on with Sponsor4 work
2) Do we know by now who is doing the non-Tor Browser parts for the moat
bridge discovery thing? [isa: isis is working on it, I met with her in
Seattle on early June and she knows the TBB team needs it by end of july
or august if you will]

1) Digging through rt, cleaning up, taking, and responding to tickets
2) Working with Karsten on Metrics-lib 2 blog post
3) Aligning branding/messaging on social media profiles
4) Compiling singular press list from multiple sources. Training on
civicrm next week. Will see if that's the best place for our press list
and look into using it for sending newsletters
5) Taking things in, getting situated, strategizing comms plan. Feeling
out messaging with input from comms periphery
6) Looking over site mockups, will be writing copy

1) Harvest adoption going well so far from accounting standpoint. Sue
was able to complete the time allocations for May by 6/8, the earliest
turnaround since I was hired last Nov.
2) Hoping to have the time approvals for June be handled by the
"approvers" per the list that I sent out last month.  --> I'll provide
instructions on approval process to the relevant individuals by end of
3) Any questions/concerns/comments regarding Harvest so far?

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