[tor-project] Network team meeting notes, 19 June.

Nick Mathewson nickm at freehaven.net
Mon Jun 19 17:44:50 UTC 2017

Hi!  Our meeting log is here:


and our pad is copied below:

Network team pad, for 19 June Meeting (or 20 June, for those in UTC+5 or later)

Things we should talk about:
    * What's blocking 0.3.1 bug fixes?
    * How are v3 hidden services going?
    * Should we try to get everyone to a) get a user on hiro's
oniongit and b) get everyone to at least use for code review instead
of gitlab.com? (ahf)
    * review-group-18 now exists! Please assign yourself as reviewer
for some tickets.

Tasks for after the meeting:
    * nickm: Find somebody to attend to each non-assigned 0.3.1.x ticket
    * Everybody: review everything in review-group-18
    * somebody: update wiki
with updates from http://5jp7xtmox6jyoqd5.onion/p/trac-hygiene

    Last week:
        * Deployed PrivCount 1.0.1 on a few relays to check our previous results
        * Worked on PrivCount HSDir Upload (v2 & v3) Statistics
          (thanks for the privcount tags on trac, nickm!)
        * Added chutney hidden service network with different numbers
of intro points #22599
        * Found out that chutney doesn't support Hidden Service client
auth #22646
        * Tracked down some of the zstd issues #22502 and children
    This week:
        * Finish Implementing & Testing PrivCount HSDir Upload
        * Start planning Montreal travel
        * Start Implementing PrivCount HSDir Download Statistics

  Last week:
    * Wilmington Meeting
  This week:
    * I'll be at the DRL meeting in Montreal for the next 3 days (19th-21st)
      so expect communication delays on IRC/Email.
    * My focus will be prop224 as the 0.3.2 merge window has opened. A
      series of branch will get into needs review this week for both nickm and

  Last week:
    * Wilmington
  This week:
    * Catch up on email, paperwork
    * Put finishing touches on Prop254 implementation
    * Maybe start work on torrc options needed for Prop247 prototype

    Last week:
        * Wilmington Meeting.
    This week:
        * Analyze log files to extract information on whether our
sponsor4 efforts have reduced directory bandwidth usage.
        * Look into LZMA mprotect() issue.
        * Look into Teor's Zstandard bugs.
        * Finish the changes from prop #278 to dir-spec.txt

[Just made it back home but jetlagged. Unclear what my state will be
during the meeting hours]
Last week:
   - Attended network team hackfest. Thanks to everyone!

This week:
   - Catch up with the backlog that accumulated during meeting
   - Start reviewing remaining prop224 service-side code
   - Work on prop247 simulator
   - Revise prop247 based on meeting discussions
   - Meeting blog post (might delay to next week)

    - Took a look at post quantum crypto :D (especially lattice-based)
    - Review a bit of asn's prop224 client side code (now it's
dgoulet's, I think)
This week
    - something of prop224

    Last week:
        * Wilmington meeting
        * Opened some tickets to follow up from testing session in
Wilmington: #22635 #22636
        * Looked at #22619: we don't seem to be testing SessionGroup at all?
    This week:
        * Review komlo's pending changes to CodingStandards.md
        * Follow up on more testing-related things
        * Look at the interaction of #12931 with other PT key=value
escaping issues
        * Give more feedback on #7869 now that 0.3.2 merge window is open
        * #22619 is tricky; the config validation fix should probably
go into 0.3.1 but making sure we have test coverage for the actual
functionality of SessionGroup= is not a small task
        * Try out calltool
        * Try out oniongit
        * Jot down notes about Wilmington logistics

    last week:
        - Wilmington. Create name --> face dictionary
        - Learned about what Tor wants before merging KIST
        - +1 LDAP account
        - +2 gitweb.tp.o repos
        - help setup privcount deployement
    this week:
        - Do merge-kist-into-tor things, like ...
        - oh --enable-gcc-warnings is a thing and says I suck
        - comments comments comments
        - tor proposal maybe
        - unit tests tests tests
        - KIST code develivered to Tor in 3w or less (hopefully!)
        - dgoulet will help review/merge KIST, correct? Where would
dgoulet like to do that? gitlab? oniongit?

    Last week:
        * Wilmington!
        * more ticket triage!
        * work on big list of ALL the attacks that need research
        * Try to match developers to sponsored work.
     This week:
        * Just opened 0.3.2.x.
        * Just opened review-group-18.
        * Work on fixing 0.3.1.x bugs
        * Work on 0.3.2.x code reviews and merges
        * Remind people that 0.3.1.x bugs need attention.
        * More bug triage in Unspecified and 0.3.2.x.
        * Put the wilmington stuff I did online.
        * Maybe, sponsor4 followup planning
        * TBD

    Last week:
        * half wilmington!
    This week:
        * work on invoices, reports (organizing NSF ones and sponsor4
may one (late this month). Also will update the launcher brief, havent
got a chance to do that yet and I am super late with it :(
        * Working on  new proposals - modularization one (on that I
think the driving car for the pitch should be it will help app devs
have Tor build with their apps)


virtually attended Rust session. Please ask Rust questions if there
are any. Otherwise busy atm

  Unsubbed from the network-team list.  Because I'm not actually doing
anything or contracting with tor at the moment.

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