[tor-project] Notes from June 8 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jun 12 07:18:17 UTC 2017

Notes for June 8 2017 meeting:

0) I encourage everybody to think back to their items last week, and see
if they are entirely resolved now or if they need another round of
attention. This step is harder than it could be, since the non-public
items get erased.
1) I asked Mike to lead the annual report process for Sponsor2
(NSF-RIT). It would be great to get an acknowledgement from Mike. :)
2) NSF-UIC annual report is also due in the coming months.
3) Hiro and I barged into a UX team meeting and gave them a bunch of
blog tickets to work on. Our new blog works but is way less usable than
the old one. More work remains.
4) The SponsorR summer camp dates have been announced, and I am double
booked for most of it. I'm trying to fill out their paperwork and do the
other logistics stuff they asked for before I break the bad news to them.
5) Can we send out these vegas mtg notes the day after the meeting,
rather than waiting til Monday? Does anybody actually edit their notes
after today? Outcome: starting next meeting, we're going to try sending
them out on Friday.
6) Let's plan next week to pick up the Montreal invite plan and focus on
whatever is critical path from here to sending out save-the-dates.

1) Colin is taking over GSoC starting Friday.
2) I finished the IMLS grant and am submitting it before I leave for
vacation today.
3) Getting last minute edits to membership policy; will send proposal to
list after the network team hackfest ends.
5) Continuing work with Global South community members
6) Planning for Tor Meeting -- drafting invites, working on Isa's
process suggestions
7) I've asked Colin to put up the support portal q&a on the wiki (per
our conversation in this meeting last week).
8) Next week I'll be working more on Global South meeting ideas and
organizing more of the support portal answers. I'll also be thinking
about promotion for the temporary support wiki. Blog post, tweets?

1) Have started with Erin the writing of blog post for Tor Browser dev
hiring. Next up will be 2 browser devs and 1 android dev for DRL Mobile
project. Will follow up on that with Georg. Then is all SIDA hiring,
which I will also follow up with Linda and Alison (and probably hiro to
help w/ the web devs job posts).
2) I met with Erin to brainstorm a draft of a public onboarding document
for new people. She has a 'non-public' onboarding check list that she
uses, we also reviewed her list and made public whatever could be made
public. Things that are not public: health care form, w4 form etc. I am
adding the content we brainstormed in a wiki page (not done yet), she
will review it and then we will share it with the rest of Tor for
crowdsourcing intel. Here is the page:
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/onboarding (will be
linked from front page on trac)
3) Tor Launcher Automation Feature - we had a meeting last Friday. I
have to update the brief still, that said, we are closer and closer from
defining the feature and we also have a plan on what to implement in
relationship to it for sponsor4 deliverables.
4) Bunch of things: montreal schedule proposal meeting, writing core tor
sponsor4 may report, getting office space at TW for folks in nyc,
organizing wilmington visit next wed etc.
5) will **finish** and share with Shari the user growth strategy update
for board meeting will also email this to internal

1) new releases with security fixes this week (8 release series, ouch)
2) delaware next week.
3) new meeting format persists; Someone else needs to lead next week's.
After that, I suggest we discuss whether we like it?
[shari will run next week's meeting.]
4) ** Pace of 0.3.x testing remains concerning.
[think about discussing at montreal]
5) ** carry forward for next week: sponsor4 status (pending on results
from ahf)

1) All Harvest invites have been sent out and 14 of 20 employees have
nick asks: who should remind them?  brad: email reminders will be sent
via Harvest if they haven't registered by end of week.
2) For those who already submitted May time sheets, Sue and/or I will be
manually posting that time in Harvest --> feel free to ignore any email
notification you may receive
3) Next Board meeting is on Monday, so we are trying to close books by
end of today
nick asks: what do the rest of us need to do for this? brad: need info
outlined in 4) below in order to make sure all revenue is correctly
recorded. Some contractor invoices are still missing but we can just
book estimates for now.
4) Still need info on milestone status for Sponsors R and Y
5) Time allocation budgets for employees will require significant
updates as soon as DRL and/or SIDA grants are awarded.  Proposed process
for amending time allocation budgets: Roger, Isabela, and Brad create
first draft budgets and present to Vegas team for comments; once
finalized, updated budgets distributed to employees.

1) preparing for board meeting
2) traveling to San Francisco next week for EFF board meeting
3) end of next week is DRL meeting in Montreal; David Goulet is going

1) We finally got Tor Browser 7.0 out. 7.0.1 will follow next week to
pick up the Firefox 52.2.0 ESR security update; Cloudflare is still in
the process to make sure Tor Browser based on ESR 52 works as the one
based on ESR 45 did. This is not done yet. We might want to be aware of
that in case users come complaining/folks are asking.
2) Looked over the planned browser dev job posting

1) Re-read a few Guard related papers for the meeting next week.
2) Fixing issues with Sponsor2 Adaptive Padding work so that Marc Juarez
can start to use it.
3) Roger: For the Sponsor2 report, should we wait until PETS? (We can
also talk about it next week in person.)

1) Put out two metrics-lib releases this week for our last remaining
MOSS deliverable.
2) We'll want to write a blog post about the metrics-lib 2.0.0 release
in June.  We can start drafting something next week.  Who can help with
that?  Tommy? Stephanie? [Answer: Asking Stephanie to help with this
next week, copying Tommy.]

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