[tor-project] Network team meeting notes, 5 June 2017

Nick Mathewson nickm at torproject.org
Mon Jun 5 17:57:58 UTC 2017

Hello!  Below are our notes from this week's meeting on #tor-dev

The meeting log is availble here:


Network team pad, for 5 June Meeting (or 6 June, for those >= UTC +5)

Things we should talk about:
    * Let's do something about that crashing bug [TROVE-2017-00{4,5} ,
I assume?]
      (remember: anything in this pad is public, even if you delete
it, it's in the history)

        (Currently discussing on network-team-security.)

    * Can we please not use Google Docs? They don't work for teor in
Tor Browser #22478


    * should isa go to wimlington for 1 day? (could be usefult for
organizing drl and tor launcher auto feature tasks)

    [dgoulet] Might be useful for me at least since I'm going to the
DRL meeting after in Montreal.

    * Do we want to Add noise to PaddingStatistics? #22422 [teor,
mikeperry, ... } ]
    * What is our path towards calling sponsor4-bw-usage work
completed? [isabela, nickm, ahf]

Tasks for after the meeting:
    * Team rotation calendar for June is open:
    * PLEASE  TRIAGE  0.3.1.x  TICKETS.  That is, make sure that what
you own is what you will do.  If there is something that must be done,
and you won't do it, make sure there's a plan :)
       * "Does anybody see any "needs_revision" or "new" or "reopened"
               tickets on 0.3.1 that it would be a Bad Idea to defer?  If so
               let's make sure they are assigned, and/or "high" priority."

    Last week:
        * Released PrivCount 1.0.0:
        * Found some trouble with the ed25519 link handshake in my
test authority logs #22460
        * Opened Reduce REACHABLE_TIMEOUT in test networks #22463
            * I think dgoulet would like this so when a chutney relay
is killed, it disappears
        * Opened Stop using GeoIP country after buf has gone out of scope #22490
        (Please feel free to grab any of the bugs I have opened.)
    This week (or month):
        * Revise: Make clients wait before trying to bootstrap from a
directory authority #17750
        * Update the config on my test net authorities
        * Design Hidden Service Upload Statistics for PrivCount 1.1.0
          These are the simplest and safest stats we could collect:
            * How many descriptors are uploaded per HSDir?
            * How many intro points per descriptor? (Histogram, HSv2 only)
            * How many bytes per descriptor? (Histogram) How many
bytes per HSDir?
            * How many different descriptor versions are uploaded? (Histogram)


Last week:

* Read some prop224 service code of dgoulet

* Review a bit of asn's client side descriptor fetching

This week:

* Continue reviewing asn's code

[Unlikely I'll be around for the meeting. It's some orthodox christian
national holiday here today.]
Last week:
   - Finalized #21403. It's now on David's hands.
   - Did more guard hackfest prep and sent out homework mail.
   - Pushed #22430 but it now needs revisions.
   - Pushed #22052 which got merged.
   - Reviewed #22460.

This week:
   - More hackfest preparation.
   - More proposal247 cleanup.
   - Travel prep.
   - Travel!

Last week:
    - At Seattle office!
    - Got Adaptive Padidng stuff running in chutney. Working with Marc
Juarez on making real histograms.
This week:
    - Continue to test AP code and add features to help research
    - Prep for guard meeting, maybe send out some more links

Last week
    * More "unspecified" triage. I'm up to #10000
    * Diagnose and fix 22460, 22466
    * Planning on sponsor8 work
This week:
    * Reminded tor-relays about EOL for 0.2.4, 0.2.6, 0.2.7 on 1 Aug.
    * More "unspecified" triage.
    * Merge fixes for 22460, 22466, TROVE-2017-004, TROVED-2017-005;
put out releases.
    * Prep for delaware meeting


Last week:

- Finished implementing protover API in Rust (but it still needs refactoring)

- Added more Rust coding standards to
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/RustInTor, feedback
welcome (the wiki is a work in progress, more to come)

This week:

- Refactor/basic clean up of Rust protover, get ready for wider review

- Hackfest prep

    Last week:

- [sponsorM] more delving into control.c and bootstrap reporting.  lots

of messy stuff happens by side effect.

- #22413 check libzstd version at configure time

- Community Team meeting

- reviewed #22466

- [sponsorM] Tor Launcher meeting

- bug triage

- commented on #22469 (exitpolicy syntax inconsistencies)

    This week:
        - prep for Wilmington meeting
        - dig more into whether TLS timeouts or our retry schedule
more strongly delays bootstrapping


Last week (unordered)

    - Working on #22275 (prop #278 merge to dir-spec.txt).
    - Cleaning up the test cases in #22497
    - Reviewed bug fixes for #6298
    - Oniongit testing.
    - Got ESTA approved for traveling to the US.

This week:

    - Close sponsor 4 tasks: #22275 + look and compare measurements.
    - Help out with 0.3.1 issues!
    - See if I've not already looked at some of the things in asn's hackfest
      homework email.
    - Travel to the US!

    - work on writing sponsor4 may report
    - figuring out how to 'declare done' sponsor4 core team activity:
    - organizing notes from tor launcher automation feature meeting
past friday (june 2nd)
    - should i go to wimlington and hang out for a day? like wednesday
maybe. Could be helpful to organize tor launcher automation tasks as
well as drl upcoming contract tasks

    Last Week:
        - SponsorR ticket triage.
        - Finalized #20657. Heavy testing on the service branch. Also tested
          along with asn's client branch (#21403).
        - I've now taken over #21403 until further notice from asn.
        - Review of #22460 and #22466.
        - Bad relays world needed me again...
        - Test network updates and poking unresponsive operator.
        - Helped with the new TROVE this morning taking armadev work and
          putting it in commits.
    This week:
        - Preparing for Wilmington meeting.
        - prop224 client implementation (#21403).

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