[tor-project] Notes from July 27 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jul 28 07:27:35 UTC 2017

Notes for July 27 2017 meeting:

1) Follow-up bug bounty launch work
2) Helped with the support wiki and with thinking about planned Tor
Browser toolbar changes
3) Moving forward with the coding tasks for the desktop browser position
and helped drafting job descriptions for the mobile ones

1) I'll be out in August from the 14th through the 18th; 30th through
Sep 1.   I will see personal email, but will probably be ignoring lists.
2) All seems well on the network team. Slowed down a bit because of
vacation series, but
3) I have a suggested clarification for PR about the research board,
based on conversation I had with a confused researcher at PETS. Where to
send? (Upshot: The only research we oppose is research done by harming
users. The only legitimate goal of the board is to avoid harms to users.)
4) PETS note: The research community is speeding up about producing
useful stuff again.
- Should we do anything to resurrect anonbib?
- Let's go back over the week and write up everything we need to do or
think about wrt Tor based on PETS talks and conversations, before we
5) Sponsor Q: I've been coordinating with Teor to make sure that
Privcount advances, in fulfillment of our SponsorQ privacy-preserving
measurement goals.  There's a tor patch for the backend now.
6) Sponsor R: There is no way that the prop224 hs-ng branch gets merged
before Roger's talk tomorrow.  But an August merge still does look likely.
7) Just deferred our release date for 0.3.1.stable by a month, to early

0) Was at PETS last week - we submitted DRL Core Tor Modularization SOI \o/
1) Working with Erin and folks on the onboarding wiki page -
2) UX/Linda - worked with Linda on website redesign building the
information architecture for torproject.org page while we were at PETS
(got feedback from Roger, Mike and other folks at PETS on it too) Next
step is to create new wireframes based on that and present to comms team
on August 15. Working with Linda on different UX problems (TB toolbar,
.onion and ssl certificates behavior, tor launcher) we are trying to use
the model of problem definition, hypothesis brainstorming, pick a
hypothesis to build and the test it, iterate if needed in order to fix
UX issues. We should stick to this model as much as possible. Also
working on building a user test for Onion Browser onboarding project.
3) services land/Hiro - hiro is on vacation these days - this and the
other time when we needed a tb release and geko was out on vacation,
lead me to suggest the creation of 'vacation backup table' (email sent
to tor-internal) / plan to follow up on that next week.
4) Other work going: deliverables reports, sponsorR stuff for Roger,
Sponsor8 prep work, following up with proposals, prep for Orfox release
next week, meetings meetings meetings

1) Working with Erin, Isa, Tommy on onboarding wiki
2) Been working on blog content, lots of posts lined up
3) Still waiting on Giant Rabbit to finish newsletter setup, then will
have to edit content depending on when they're ready
4) Keeping up with ongoing comms stuff: regular social media posting
scheds, responding to press, building press list

1) Cleaned up metrics hosts after upgrading to Debian stretch.
2) Decided to accept data from researchers on "contributed" pages and
linked data on the Tor Metrics website. Starting with two research
groups, currently discussing details. Should probably announce this once
the pages are online.
3) Assisted in writing the MOSS final report, which will likely go on
the blog once it's out.

1) Finishing up final report for MDF on donation funding.
2) Lots of meetings re: various funding stuff.
3) I'll be traveling quite a bit this next week.

1) PETS meeting with traffic analysis researchers went well. Discussed
blockers and steps forward
2) Got Sponsor2 year 1 report materials to Matt Wright

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