[tor-project] Dutch police and Tor in the AlphaBay/Hansa operation

Cristian Consonni cristian at balist.es
Wed Jul 26 14:57:42 UTC 2017


some context:
┬źDark web marketplaces AlphaBay and Hansa shut down┬╗[1]

The police has put up a couple of pages with a list of usernames that
they identify as customers or vendors of the markets and some FAQs[2a][2b].

Note (from [2b]):
Have you de-anonymized TOR?

No. But if we would have, we wouldn't tell you ;).

and also (from [2a]):
Are you against TOR?

No, the Dutch police and judicial authorities are not against the
anonymous use of the internet, encryption or TOR. We only act when these
techniques are being used for committing criminal offences.


[2a]: http://politiepcvh42eav.onion/faq.html
[2b]: http://politiepcvh42eav.onion/hansafaq.html

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