[tor-project] Onboarding wiki - we want your input! :)

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Tue Jul 25 11:23:59 UTC 2017

Hello Tor!

We are working on this tomorrow and Thursday. So if you haven't had the
chance to look at the pad and contribute today is your day! :D

Thanks for your help!

On 7/18/17 15:39, Erin Wyatt wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> Hello! Isa and I will be getting together next week to work on the onboarding wiki page, and we'd like your input! If you have a moment, please tell us your idea(s) on how to improve the way we orient newcomers (all types). We’ll start on Wednesday, so anytime before then would be grrrreat.
> We're looking for all kinds of suggestions -- From IRC/email/encryption etiquette to process/procedure for starting new projects and getting support to technical/security/privacy suggestions and/or requirements -- WE WANT IT ALL.  >:)
> There are three categories:
>     1. Things I wish I had known when I started with Tor Project (in any capacity).
>     2. Things I wish new people knew when they started with Tor Project.
>     3. Things that don't fit into either of the above categories, but should still be recorded on the Onboarding Wiki.
> Please submit your ideas here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/Tor_Project_Onboarding_Brain_Dump
> If you prefer to email your suggestions, that’s fine! Also, if you have a document or a link to a personal pad with the info, please email it to me.
> Thanks in advance! Hope you’re all having a great week.
> Cheers,
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