[tor-project] Notes from July 20 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jul 21 07:10:14 UTC 2017

Notes for July 20 2017 meeting:

1) Spoke to EFF lawyers concerning licensing on specs and proposals;
will speak to Shari about what they said.
2) Helped Isabela a bit with modularization proposal

1) finishing support wiki, would like to have blog post out next week
after support meeting
2) "support team" meeting Monday to talk about streamlining support efforts
3) Tommy and I are talking today about future funding for outreach
4) writing FOSS/Tor cultural norms doc for onboarding
5) Colin is plugging away at the RT backlog
6) Colin is also getting ready to appear on a podcast. Yay for more
people doing public speaking about Tor!
7) Colin is doing some GSoC coordination
8) asked the unconscious bias trainers for the information we wanted.
waiting for a reply.

1) What do we need to do to move forward with Montreal meeting agenda
2) David Goulet asked about a documentary filmmaker who'd like to film
people in Montreal. Thoughts?
3) Reached out to new strategic planner.
4) Signed contract with new auditor.
5) Lots of grant proposals and reporting.
6) Scheduled conversation with lawyers to renew our trademarks on Tor
Project and onion logo.

1) Bug bounty launched. Will be sharing throughout today and
sporadically to follow. Post on our site + at H1 (great q&a with gk!).
Has so far been picked up by ZDNet, Threatpost, VentureBeat, probably
more to follow.
2) Still working with Giant Rabbit on our newsletter. Should be on the
last step: creating a form for people to subscribe directly and feed
into CiviCRM.
3) Lining up blog content in an editorial calendar so we can always post
at least 1/week. Maintaining other posting schedules: linkedin: 1/wk.
twitter: 3-6/day. fb: 1-2day.
4) Outlined comms goals for MDF grant, helped with editing. Will map out
more in depth goals / strategy to come.
5) Creating templates. Have ppt, docx, pages. Need to create odf versions.
6) Working back through press inquiries, compiling press list and
published articles.

1) I worked on the bug bounty program launch. Thanks to all who helped
getting this finally going.
2) Hiring process for desktop browser dev seems to move forward pretty
well. Worked on the mobile browser dev descriptions as well. Isa: What
needs to be done to move those forward? (I guess we wait on input from
Nathan and/or Mike)?
3) I spent some time looking at the GSoC project related to Tor Browser
(the crash reporter mentored by Tom)
4) Sponsor4 work

1) Shari and I have selected new CPA firm, Lindley & Associates, to
provide audit and tax preparation services for TPI
2) Fieldwork for 2016 audit will begin in August; some audit work on
fiscal year ending June 30, 2017 will be performed concurrently
3) Working with Jon to streamline travel & expense tracking for Montreal
4) Last Friday, July 14, was the first pay date with our new US-based
payroll provider ADP.  Any issues to report?

1) The OONI Partner gathering went very well and so did CLSI (CitizenLab
Summer Institute)
2) I am going to be away on vacation from the 26th of July until 11th of
3) The beta version of the measurements API is live:
https://measurements-beta.ooni.io/ and the re-engineering pipeline has
been generating the data for it and running since a week or so. We hope
to be able to deprecated the legacy pipeline in a couple of months.
4) We are a bit late with the ooniprobe-mobile app release and are still
wrapping up some of the remaining dev work to be done for that
5) For sending push notifications and showing messages in the mobile app
of users we have setup a CMS that seems to suck less than others
(https://getgrav.org/). May be of interest to infrastructure people.

1) Wrote initial input for MOSS award final report.
2) Deployed new CollecTor 1.2.0 on both hosts, started working on
CollecTor 1.3.0 release.
3) Still looking into fixing some broken statistics for the last week of
June 2017.

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