[tor-project] Network team meeting notes, 17 July 2017

George Kadianakis desnacked at riseup.net
Wed Jul 19 14:34:38 UTC 2017

Hi; we had our regular meeting.  Logs here:


And updates below:
teor (not online):
    Last week:
        * Took a few days leave, because winter [wow winter!!!]
        * Fixed some bugs in PrivCount's circuit and cell counting
        * Got a PrivCount code review from Nick (thanks!) and made tickets for it
        * Wrote some tor cell packing & unpacking code, so stem can learn to talk ORPort #18856
        * Found some tor bugs that might affect link padding (#22934, #22948)
    This week:
        * Implement some more PrivCount features
        * Deploy and Run PrivCount Single Onion Service counts
        * Plan and book Montreal travel
        * Maybe do cell crypto in endosome

komlo (most likely won't be able to make today's meeting)
Last week:
- Submitted patches for #22905 and #22830 (thanks Isis for splitting!)
- Booked Montreal trip
This week:
- I am going to follow nickm's fuzzing guide to fuzz rust protover, as the last step before submitting this for review.

  Last Week:
    * The load and configure v3 service patch was merged!!! (#21979)
    * Addressed multiple things found in #20657 by asn
    * Continue the prop224 client implementation (#17242)
    * Important issue found for prop224 service, asn's opened the ticket in
  This week:
    * Address asn's review on #20657 so we can put it back in needs review for
      nickm and thus upstream merge.
    * Continue client implementation #17242.
    * Roger's Defcon talk on July 28th is my hard deadline to have a working 
      alpha product of prop224 so we can give the world a branch to play with.
    Last Week:
        - got the sponsor4 june report out
        - start working with brad on info for nsf reports (because storm was down the progress report part got delayed)
    This week:
        - will catch up on PT discussion
        - will work on tor launcher automation update (if possible)
        - will be at PETS

    Last week (2017-W28):
        - helped Roger with sponsor3 reporting
        - started more aggressively tagging stuff with sponsors
        - laptop and phone brain transplants (Apple, Y U make iCloud Keychain "Local Items" unusable after migration?)
        - helped atagar with some stem bugs #22894 #22902
        - helped isis with some Travis CI stuff #22636
        - .onion UX stuff
        - Trac meeting
        - made some progress on learning enough about chutney to make a #20532 test case
    This week (2017-W29):
        - packing and moving! (see earlier email message for details)
        - more review of #22636
        - more #20532
    - KIST code still available on gitweb. Need to talk to dgoulet sometime about reviewing
    - KIST still running on my relay and dgouelet's IIRC
    - Want to update tickets, but want to put in as little work as possible.
      Ideally would just attach paper or something, but it wasn't accepted and
      don't want its first publication to be an attachment on some ticket. Talking
      to co-author.
- Attempts at measuring network latency. Last week: home-grown with RIPE Atlas. Meh.
  This week: Ting.

    Last week:
        - Review and merge on lots and lots of things, incl HS work
        - Chase down misc bugs on odd platforms, fix them. (including zstd 1.3.0)
        - Initial review and comment on the preliminary tor privcount patch series
        - Finish triage on tor-unspecified, start marking some sponsors' tickets in 0.3.2-alpha milestone
    This week:
        - PETS
        - Livetweet PETS?
        - Talk with collaborators about sponsor2/anti-fingerprinting stuff
        - Hack, time permitting
  Last week:
   - Mad review of #20657. Got familiar with the code and now I'm getting
     deeper with testing.
   - Reviewed #22803.
   - Started coding #22735. Not an easy task but very important for prop224.
   - Started maintaining a pad with open prop224 tickets, so that we can
     organize development/merging better as time gets closer:
   - (Had no real time for prop247 simulation stuff...)
  This week:
   - Write patches for two major open service-side issues: #22735 and #22940
   - Continue review of #20657.
   - More prop224 frenzy.

ahf: (traveling - will miss the meeting).
    Sponsor 4:
        - Extended our analyzer to include all Tor traffic such that we
          can see which percentage the directory traffic amounts to.
        - Started writing the outline of a blog post for blog.tpo about
          the Sponsor 4 work.
    Sponsor 8:
        - Read up on what the proposal includes for the network team.
        - Kick off meeting with Nick on Sponsor 8.
        - Looked into how to do battery measurements on the Android platform
          and trying to figure out how I can make it as reproducible as
          possible when on a physical device and if it is possible to track
          in an emulator (the wakeups only).
        - Read up on using Guardian Projects orbot to get Tor onto a
          device on Android as an apk.
This week:
    Sponsor 4:
        - Discuss results with Nick for the dir / total traffic part.
        - Finish blog post about Sponsor 4 work.
    Sponsor 8:
        - Follow up on tasks from the Tuesday kick-off meeting: look at
          Nick's results with which functions that are running in a
          timer and do network $stuff.
        - Get more knowledge of the Android platform work.
    last week:
        - made a server for BridgeDB's CAPTCHAs so that we can serve them to moat too #15976
        - made a cmdline option to see the expiration date for a tor signing cert #17639
        - polished up and fixed a Travis config for tor #22636
        - investigated and fixed some problems with rust builds #22830 #22905
        - opened some other rust build system integration tickets #22906 #22907 #22909
        - reviewed #22349 (on gitlab!) and #22916
        - reviewed and cleaned up #19476
        - removed some dead/obsolete code in rephist.c #19871
        - started moving the internship forward
    this week:
        - more work on getting the intern started and set up
        - get review/feedback for moat CAPTCHA api #15976
        - start writing moat backend server #22871
        - revising farfetchd #15876
        - maybe getting a service set up for farfetchd?

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