[tor-project] Expanding our people page

meejah meejah at meejah.ca
Tue Jul 18 20:21:53 UTC 2017

Damian Johnson <atagar at torproject.org> writes:

> * Would you like to be listed on the 'core people' webpage [1]? If
> so...

yes, plese!

>   * What name or alias would you like to be called?

meejah (https://meejah.ca)

>   * Provide a description for the page of what you do.

Volunteer developer of txtorcon (https://github.com/meejah/txtorcon),
carml (https://github.com/meejah/carml) and some other random Python
tools for Tor including some bad-relay hunting.

>   * Would it be ok to list your IRC nick? If so, what is it?


>   * Would it be ok to list your OpenPGP key? If so what is your public
>   key?


>   * Is there a photo or image you'd like to have displayed?

Gravatar has one for meejah at meejah.ca and also:


Also if we're doing 'social media' stuff:

twitter: https://twitter.com/meejah
gnu social: https://mastodon.social/@meejah
github: https://github.com/meejah
or catch-all: https://meejah.ca/contact

Thanks, Damian!


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