[tor-project] Expanding our people page

Matt Traudt sirmatt at ksu.edu
Mon Jul 10 17:51:07 UTC 2017

On 7/10/17 13:35, Stephanie Whited wrote:
>>> Hmmm. Gave it a try but honestly not sure monochome onions looks better...
>>> https://www.atagar.com/transfer/tmp/people_page-monochrome_onion.png
>>> If folks want this though that's fine.
>> I think the monochrome looks better.
> I also think the monochrome might look better, and I think it would help
> if the key and twitter icons were also monochrome to match.
> With or without the monochrome, can we try:
> - resizing the onion smaller, more white space
> - removing the rounded corners on the pics
> I did a quick test of the above in the attached image.
> -Steph
> -- 
> Stephanie Whited
> Communications Director
> The Tor Project

On the topic of monochrome onion images and icons ... I don't like them.
Not on the current torproject.org website. They don't fit in. Maybe if
the rest of the website was more web X.0 or had a flatter theme.

However, I am not a UI or UX person.

I also don't mind the rounded corners on pictures. Either way is fine as
far as I'm concerned.

Thanks for making the people page better!

Matt "just has to be different"

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