[tor-project] Community Team report June 2017

Alison alison at torproject.org
Mon Jul 10 15:35:00 UTC 2017

ello all,

Here are the highlights of the Community Team's work in June 2017:

June 2017 Community Team report

Meeting notes June 2017

Tor Meeting planning
Alison began planning for the October Tor Meeting in Montreal. Invites
will go out very soon!

Windows 10 user issue
Alison and Phoul identified an issue that was preventing Windows 10
users from opening Tor Browser when they were also using a popular piece
of banking software. Phoul was able to get the issue resolved, but this
problem has occurred with past versions of both pieces of software, so
we are working with the makers of the banking software to prevent this
problem in the future.

Community Team roadmap
We're roadmapping our plans for the rest of 2017 and trying to
coordinate our dependencies with other teams, particularly dependencies
related to user support.

Support portal/support wiki
The full support portal has to be put on hold while we wait for an
update on that funding, so we've opted to put the questions and answers
onto a read-only wiki so that users have something to help them in the
meantime. We'll publish the wiki in July with a blog post announcing it.

Contributor guidelines
Alison, atagar, and arma put the finishing touches on our core
contributor (membership) guidelines draft, and arma initiated the
proposal discussion on tor-internal at the end of June.

Library Freedom Project
We completed and submitted the IMLS grant at the beginning of June. We
then began working with a graphic design firm on another grant to make
infographic posters explaining basic privacy concepts, like encrypted
messaging and strong passwords. If we get this grant, we'd print the
posters in at least three languages (English, Spanish, and Arabic) and
distribute them for free to any interested libraries.

sukhe made plans to give two Tor talks in Toronto in August:
He also connected with folks at SFLC India and is working on some talks
with them in September.

Phoul, Alison, arma and others participated in the Localization Lab AMA.

Next up: completing the community team roadmap, more meeting planning
including the Montreal meeting and future Global South meeting(s),
publishing the support wiki, drafting the code of conduct, writing
documentation for FOSS/Tor cultural norms for onboarding new employees,
organizing support team feedback to applications team.

Thanks for reading!

Alison Macrina
Community Team Lead
The Tor Project

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