[tor-project] Help brainstorm Tor myths

Nima Fatemi nima at torproject.org
Fri Jul 7 08:48:00 UTC 2017

> Roger Dingledine:
>> Below is an initial list to get us started, along with overly brief
>> summaries of the reality underlying the myth. Please contribute more
>> entries!
>> - "I heard the Navy wrote Tor originally (so how can we trust it)."
>> - "I heard the NSA runs half the exit relays."
>> - "I heard Tor is slow."
>> - "I heard Tor gets most of its money from the US government."
>> - "I heard 80% of Tor is bad people."
>> - "I heard Tor is broken."
>   - "If I use Tor, I'll be put under surveillance."
>     (This one got amplified by the XKEYSCORE source code leaks some
>      times ago.)

I think this is also a good opportunity to respond to some of the random
hate Tor gets from the infosec bros (specially on twitter).

- "I've heard using Tor makes me more vulnerable on the internet. / I've
heard it's not secure to use Tor"
- People still ask whether they might get MiTM by the exit node when
they use .onion.

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