[tor-project] Notes from July 6 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Jul 7 07:46:27 UTC 2017

Notes for July 6 2017 meeting:

1) From last week: Should I approve timesheets? How?

1) Who do I tell about operations task ideas, like "we should make a
standardized slide template based on the style guide stuff from Elio"
[Steph: I'm working on templates]
2) In talking with Alison last week I proposed that the community team
re-focus on: "Helping the rest of the world help Tor". So helping relay
operators is in, and helping activists and advocates is in, and helping
volunteers get oriented is in. But support should shift to whichever
team makes the thing being supported, and in general we should be
watchful for the community team accumulating "all the stuff that
involves interacting with users", because that's a poor way to draw the
line. We're still early in the refocusing plan, but you heard it here first.
3) Membership policy is slowly proceeding (and I think that's ok).
4) Isa and I worked out new time allocation recommendations for the
network team
5) geko: did you know about
https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/ubuntu/tor-browser -- that
some random person is packaging tor browser for ubuntu, and not keeping
up? Which team should be interacting with these people so they either do
it right or stop? [GeKo: No, I did not; regarding the team question: it
seems to me it could be a good start if someone from the community team
would reach out to those people. Depending on how that goes it seems to
be fine to involve folks from the Tor Browser team]
6) Alison and I picked up the "speakers bureau" idea again. Her next
step is to get the notes from when we talked to Biella.
7) Privacy sensitivity training as an onboarding topic. We should make
sure all our new people understand about Facebook "like" tracking, about
web cookies in our html mass mails, and in general about the
expectations from our community.
8) Status of the comms support person funding proposal?

1) More on Roger's point 2: I am going to organize a meeting with all of
the people who currently work on support so that we can better
coordinate channels, documentation, feedback to devs, and the like.
2) Tor Meeting: I sent the most recent invite list to vegas-leads. Are
these ready to go out now? Can we move on to creating the meeting schedule?
3) Today I'm doing a webinar about Tor for Drexel University's Libraries
and Archives Student Association
4) Finishing up a short grant to support graphic design work and
printing costs for some posters and handouts for LFP.
5) Follow up on Roger's point 6: I am waiting for Biella to get back
from vacation to give me those notes.
6) Need to connect with Steph and Tommy about publicizing the support wiki.
7) Are we still interested in having an unconscious bias training? Those
trainers got back in touch with me.
8) Working on onboarding docs for "FOSS/Tor culture" which will
complement what Isa is doing with privacy onboarding (see Roger's point 7).

1) Ran out of disk space on one of our pipeline related machines, but
appear to not have lost any data during that date contrary to previous
belief. See: https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-sysadmin/issues/116
2) Following Leonids lead we have started documenting various sys-admin
related incidents to learn from them and mitigate them in the future:
3) ooni-probe mobile app with notification support is coming together
nicely. We are testing an alpha build for iOS and working on getting an
alpha build for Android.
4) Next generation ooni-pipeline is moving forward. We are
optimistically aiming to have an MVP deployment (with the new
measurements interface running) deployed by CLSI:
If you are a user (or would like to be a user) of ooni-measurements API
you should check out:

1) We got out (or are about to get out) new Tor Browser releases picking
up new tor versions; I am happy how this worked out while I was away
from the keyboard
2) We tried to move the browser developer job application process
forward; hopefully concrete next steps will happen next week
3) Can we move forward with the bug bounty program? I owe the hackerone
folks an email outlining our plan [GeKo: the plan is to get back to
HackerOne coordinating the public launch]

1) I'm creating brand aligned templates for documents and presentations,
will eventually make their way to media.torproject.org
2) Working on first newsletter template, message about delivery change,
content. Giant Rabbit still working on creating unsubscribe capability
5) Upcoming campaigns: sha2017, bug bounty, support wiki.
6) Will participate in net neutrality day of action next week
7) Have been working back through press inquiries, responding to all new
requests with feedback from Shari
8) Worked with asn to polish wilmington blog post, published and share

1) working on final report on donation database grant and edits for
other proposals
2) had initial talk with Giant Rabbit folks about this year's
crowdfunding campaign

1) Cleaned up a little after the end-of-month sprint by updating to new
metrics-lib, updating Metrics website, updating to new Debian stretch
2) Started making plans for current month; current plan is to focus on
CollecTor development this month and do some maintenance tasks that
piled up over the last six months.

1) Can we get an official TBB build machine? (
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/22764#ticket, elsewhere)
[GeKo: Yes, please]
2) Talking with researchers, getting padding code ready for PETS meeting.

1) Working on the year-end close process and preparation of financial
2) Sue and I both have a long backlog at the moment, so apologies for
any delays in responding to questions sent to the accounting@ alias
3) Please approve time/expenses in Harvest for assigned employees no
later than Tues July 11
4) It's important that we get all expense reports covering JAN-JUN by
the end of this month

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