[tor-project] Notes from January 26 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jan 30 07:27:32 UTC 2017

Notes for January 26 2017 meeting:

1) Tor Browser 6.5 got out
2) The Tor Browser team focuses on the switch to ESR 52 from now on
3) I helped with addressing questions from OTF regarding our last
contract (SponsorU)

1) Finished complementary report for sponsorU / working on Q4 2016
report of sponsorS due 1-31/ 2nd milestone report for sponsor5 is
looking good for 1-27
2) We got feedback from DRL mobile proposal
3) I plan on working at the Task Force plan proposal and share it soon -
just prioritizing sponsors reports -
4) working on update on sponsors doc on trac - wiki pages/ticket form
menu etc
5) met with Brad / will have weekly meetings with him till we feel is
not necessary anymore
6) teams meeting calendar - will get things going with network and ux

1) Glossary is almost over the finish line! Phoul is adding it to Trac,
which we will use to host the glossary in a similar way that Debian uses
a wiki for theirs.
2) TB Manual is now is multiple languages including French, Spanish, and
Brazilian Portuguese.
3) We are now connected with trainers in the Global South in multiple
regions: South America, Middle East, South Asia, and East Africa. If all
goes well our first sponsored training will be in another week.
4) LFP is just about ready to submit our IMLS proposal. We're asking for
about 2/3 of our needed funding for two years, beginning December 2017,
to create a more intensive train-the-trainer program for librarians. Ask
me if you want more details!
5) I handed out Tor stickers at the DC Women's March and got a lot of
positive feedback. Lots more name recognition than I expected.
6) Kat and Jon finished the relay operator tshirt backlog!!!!!! They're
now taking requests AS THEY COME!!! Success!!!!!!
7) LFP has events upcoming at Pratt Institute and Drexel University.
8) Later today I'll send out the agenda engagement email for the Tor

1) Job interviews continue this week. Hoping to be finished on Friday.
Kudos to Erin, Mike, Asn, and David!
2) Feature freeze in progress

1) Also working on the interview process for tor-core
2) We may have a new blog! I meet with Kevin tomorrow to review it.
Hopefully will be able to send a dev instance link around then for
people to test out.
3) Meeting with FPF people to discuss tor network traffic
fingerprinting. (they have a framework for attacks/tests).

1) Finalised reviewed web UI and submitted for feedback from designer.
Aiming to tag a release candidate this week.
2) ooniprobe mobile release: we are planning a small meeting in Rome the
week of the 8th to do the launch together
3) Various infrastructure fires to extinguish: ooni-explorer database
seems to be corrupt beyond repair, we have started rebuilding it and
will take a week.
4) Planning for events in March: will be attending IFF with 2 OONI
related sessions (one here:
Still waiting to hear back regarding the session at RightsCon.
5) Aiming to release at the end of today a new version of the
ooni-backend and deploy an update after we found a critical bug in it
leading to faulty collection of measurements.
6) Reviewing of all the OONI documentation based on the HLS legal
consultation (risks documentation, install guide, data policy, etc.)

1) Many amazing candidates for Communications Director position.
2) Met with isis to talk about what she's up to.
3) Meetings this week with Gunner, Sue Gardner, Cindy Cohn and Mitchell
Baker to talk about future planning.
4) Changed payment processors on new donation system.
5) Planning for Tor meeting in Amsterdam.

1) Almost finished graph on Tor Browser downloads and updates
(https://metrics.torproject.org/webstats-tb.html), not linked from
homepage yet, planning to publish Fri/Sat with torproject@ post and/or
possibly but not necessarily with blog post on Mon/Tue (before end of
month).  This will conclude Sponsor X task 6 (#2 out of 6).
2) Planning to put out another Onionoo release tomorrow and get Atlas
usability fixes merged next week or the week after.  That will conclude
Sponsor X task 3 (#3 out of 6).
3) How much should we worry (and who should we bother) about legal
disclaimers on metrics-related websites?  a) ExoneraTor translations
(https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/20867#comment:5), b)
Metrics imprint.  Answer: check with lawyers.

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