[tor-project] We need project ideas for GSoC 2017!

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Sun Jan 29 21:57:38 UTC 2017

Hi all! This week I'm getting our ducks in a row to apply for Google
Summer of Code 2017...


I just trimmed our volunteer page of projects that were done last year
and sadly that doesn't leave us with much. We need mentors and project

Got anything you'd care to mentor this summer? If so please let me know!
Just send me a description like the ones on the following and I'd be
happy to add it to our site...


Please note that all projects must have two mentors, one of which is
an established tor person. If you're not part of our internal community
that's fine, but please find a core developer to co-sponsor your
project and act as a secondary mentor.

Thanks! -Damian

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