[tor-project] Notes from January 19 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jan 23 12:56:11 UTC 2017

Notes for January 19 2017 meeting:

0) Global South outreach: lots of new connections
1) support portal progress: glossary finished and ready to be formatted
onto support.torproject.org along with TB manuals. Phoul is setting up
the glossary formatting on Trac.
2) Tor meeting: we need to make a list of all the team meetings that
need to happen on Monday so we can figure out which ones need to happen
at what time

1) Feature freeze next week
2) TB team:  we need testing on the patch you wanted to help with unix
sockets on the command line.

1) I'm meeting with Mitchell Baker of Mozilla next week. Any requests?
2) process for hiring Communications Director; on a fast track
3) Tor meeting planning; thoughts for strategic planning discussion

1) Getting closer to putting Tor Browser downloads and updates graph on
Tor Metrics (#21236).  Input from applications team on
greatly appreciated!
2) Trying out OTF cloud for 3 OnionPerf instances, with possible
alternatives being Tor VMs (sysadmin overhead) or EC2 (~60-120 USD/mo).
3) Started thinking about funding after Sponsor X, where it seems like
another year from the same sponsor is rather unlikely.  One plan is to
propose 8 mini projects on various metrics code bases.  Another plan is
to propose fewer projects all related to the Tor Metrics website, with
project ideas coming from the recent redesign project.
4) Planning a small team meeting in Berlin in the first half of February.

0) writing reports (OTF, DRL, ISC)
1) Created a calendar for teams meetings at Tor Meeting in Amsterdam ->
2) website redesign - Linda will share soon her google doc explaining
the process we will take to tor-internal.
3) in feb me and linda will publish a blog post about the security
slider work (example of evolution of a feature)
4) hiro is working on small website patches and with the metrics team -
she is also working on a nice console script for you to query tickets on
trac :) this is a request network team had for a while to make it easy
to write scripts that give us intel on the state of things e.g. a
release or the monthly work or team capacity ->

1) Spoke with Digicert to get a new code-signing certificate. I think we
are on track with it.
2) Tor Browser 6.5 will be a thing next week (fingers crossed)

1) Things I'm dropping:
 - Tor Labs - I keep moving towards emailing a bunch of people, and then
asking myself if it really is the best use of my time. I'm worried it is
going to become a timesink and distract from other things I should do..
I think we need a community coordinator person for this
 - The Tor Blog - Kevin has a new job, and has become unresponsive. I'm
getting worried we may have to give this to hiro or find someone else :/
 - OTF proposals for Tor Labs?
2) Things I want to do:
 - Traffic analysis work for NSF: Roger previously told me not to use
the Sponsor2 bucket, but I think i should be starting on this work

1) Making progress on the mobile clients for ooniprobe. We have decided
to push the release date to Feb 8th, but release it with the redesigned
UI on iOS and Android.
2) Polishing and refining of the web UI component of ooniprobe with
focus on the mobile related views.
3) Got pretty good feedback on the OPOS spec and integrating it into the
document. Something that was suggested is that we outline and define
somewhere a sort of governance for how access to scheduling measurements
on ooniprobe is handled.

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