[tor-project] Notes from January 12 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Jan 16 08:41:11 UTC 2017

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Notes for January 12 2017 meeting:

0) meeting with Rocnation and next steps; This is Jay-Z's
entertainment company and a Tor person met one of their people (who
loves Tor) on a plane. I will meet with them in NYC to talk about
helping their clients with digital security.
1) support portal and glossary progress; Glossary is nearly finished,
and when it is that and the TB manual will go up on
support.torproject.org, then more work on the portal itself.
2) LFP grant applications; submitted one, just about to finish another
3) upcoming training/speaking events; two in Hidalgo County, TX; Pratt
Institute, NY; Drexel University, PA; Camden, NJ
4) Global South outreach
5) Starting to plan the Tor meeting

0) Takeaways from RWC / HACS
1) Progress towards 0.3.0
2) Hiring progress and questions
3) sponsor4 planning in progress, sponsor R winding up, what's our
funding plan?

1) Still need to get started with the process of obtaining a new
authenticode signing certificate <-- Georg will follow-up on this one
with the Digicert people
2) Preparations for Tor Browser 6.5

1) Search for new Communications Director. Please distribute job
description and encourage good people to apply.
2) Planning for Amsterdam Tor meeting.
3) Working with team on donation database stuff.
4) Working with Brad on various financial things.
5) Trying to resolve some personnel questions.

0) Worked on specifying the OONI Probe orchestration system
It has been circulated internally awaiting for feedback
1) Started smoke testing of the re-engineered data processing pipeline
2) More progress on implementing the reviewed web UI. Tracking the
core ooniprobe changes required in this master ticket:
https://github.com/TheTorProject/ooni-probe/issues/708 (viewable with
Zenhub) or this milestone:
3) Deployed new production measurements interface:
4) Preparing for the public release of ooniprobe mobile due at the end
of the month (deployed collectors and test helpers on port 443)
5) We published a report at the end of December regarding information
controls in Kenya: https://ooni.torproject.org/post/kenya-study/

1) answering press queries and coordinating interviews
2) ze social media
3) Editing and coordinating blog posts
4) answering emails

0) working on a complementary report to OTF
1) picking up projects with teams
1.1) orfox team has to make a stable release with our slider to finish
our next milestone, linda has done a lot of progress on the
prep-material for our user testing part of this contract
1.2) linda is doing a lot of prep-work to kick off the website
redesign project (big project), more on that will be coming out soon
1.3) network team - getting otf deliverables break down into tasks and
organized with nick
1.4) following up with hiro, tbb otf tasks, general organizing of
sponsor info etc
2) getting started on drl sponsor S final report
3) trying to put together a 'growth strategy 2016 review' - which is
an update on the one I sent around Q3 2015.

1) Deployed redesigned Metrics website, got good response overall,
made a list of future improvements, but none of them being urgent, so
we'll move focus to other projects now.
2) Made plans with RaBe, our web designer, for Q1/2017 to work on
remaining Sponsor X deliverables that require web design.
3) Made plans with hiro to lead OnionPerf integration project.

1) Mostly dug out from email.
2) Helping with tor-core hiring

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