[tor-project] Notes from February 23 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Tue Feb 28 09:10:00 UTC 2017

Notes for February 23 2017 meeting:

1) We need to coordinate the network audit for our switch to ESR 52 <-
Mike has agreed to do this by April 1

1) Has been doing measurements with AFL for Sponsor4 to reduce directory
download size. Preliminary results are promising.
2) I'm doing the 024..030 release process and bugfix stuff on my own;
it's gotten a bit gnarly. Hoping for the best.

1)  Lots of planning for the Tor Meeting. Will be reaching out to folks
individually about potential agenda items and intra-team meetings.
2)  Tor glossary is up here for now (Colin is still working on internal
next step is for it to go onto the support portal.
3) UX and community teams are working on the support portal together;
Alison and Linda will continue this in Seattle next week.
4) New translations have been merged into the Tor Browser manual.
5) Trainings: planning a lot of both LFP and Global South workshops
right now.
6) Community council guidelines are in the discussion phase right now
and will go up for a vote after next week. When that's completed, we
will vote to keep the existing social contract or modify it with some of
the suggestions we received from our greater community.

1) Misc.

1) ooniprobe now support 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and
Italian. New mobile app will be released tomorrow or next week.
2) Began implementing the probe orchestration system.
3) People can now join the ooni IRC channels via a slack bridge:

1) Worked with Cass and iwakeh on writing a funding proposal for metrics
2) Released metrics-lib 1.6.0 together with iwakeh.
3) Made plans with irl for a blog post on Atlas/Onionoo usability fixes,
scheduled for Monday, March 6.
4) Worked with RaBe and iwakeh on more website redesigns of CollecTor
and Onionoo based on what we did for Metrics.

1) Onboarding: paperwork,  read/watched much of *.torproject.org,
getting accounts, etc.
2) Merged my press contacts with existing lists
3) Spoke with reporter from Fast Company, Steven Melendez (@smelendez)
for upcoming story related to OTF. He previously wrote a good story
about Tor and SecureDrop.
4) Learning about UAE issue (uptick in connections) and deciding how to
follow-up with reporter from The Intercept. Josh to email vegas-team
list with notes.
5) Putting together ideas, goals, and strategies for Seattle meeting,
focusing on social media, press, community, and web site.

1) working on digging information from july - 2014 till nov - 2016 on
sponsorS for the final report - fun times! Due feb 28
2) Looking good to finish next milestone of sponsor5 (orfox work) Due feb 28
3) Working with Hiro on a survey about moving away from Trac - is not an
easy mission but we are on it!. Hiro also is working with metrics and
made schleuder work! which was a big pain in the ass.
4) Linda is working with support team on their new site, and making sure
it goes along with the big plan of building new portals as part of tpo
5) Dealing with small personnel  stuff (people who worked on orfox
payments etc). Trying to get some stuff prepared for the meetings in
Amsterdam. Preparing for trip next week to Seattle - while in seattle
will try to set up the table stuff at planetlibre

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