[tor-project] Diversifying Bandwidth Measurement

teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 03:57:44 UTC 2017

> On 27 Feb 2017, at 13:46, teor <teor2345 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 27 Feb 2017, at 13:23, Sebastian Hahn <tor at sebastianhahn.net> wrote:
>> I am and always have been operating my own https server for the bw files
>> that sits directly next to the dirauth/bwauth server. I totally hoped
>> everoyne else was doing the same thing or at least not share the same
>> server for more than one bwauth instance. Is that incorrect?
> I don't know: but it seems that the issue with Cogent affects a
> majority of the bandwidth authorities. Perhaps it's more than just
> cymru that's affected?
> If you send me the address of your HTTPS server, I can ask a relay
> operator to do a traceroute and speed test. Or you can do one to
> (which used to get multiple megabytes a second, but has
> dropped to 500 KB/s).

The operator gets 194 KB/s over a 14-hop path from Paris to a bandwidth
authority server in Erlangen, Germany. (Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg,

This looks like it's a problem for any AS that transits via Cogent.
It's certainly not cmryu-specific, or even specific to North America.

It appears that the Tor bandwidth authorities really should be
down-rating Exits on these networks.

It would still be great to make sure we don't have a single point of
failure for the bandwidth authority HTTPS server. But I think we're ok


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