[tor-project] Notes from February 16 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Feb 20 09:10:25 UTC 2017

Notes for February 16 2017 meeting:

1) Hacking all the time
2) Trying to wrap up 0.3.0 and earlier releases; in the weeds on bugfixing.
3) asn and dgoulet being awesome on sponsor R.
4) Trying (with ahf) to make sure that design work happens on schedule
for sponsor 4.
5) Not around the net much next week

1) Did some light coding towards metrics-lib 1.6.0 release which will
come out on Friday.
2) Tried setting up a second Onionoo host, but failed due to serious I/O
3) Atlas usability improvement project is on schedule, blog post planned
for February 27 or 28.
4) Tor Tech Report(s) on collecting and reporting statistics is making
good progress, should be ready for discussion by Amsterdam.
5) OnionPerf replacing Torperf scheduled for end of February.
6) Working on adapting CollecTor and Onionoo to Tor Metrics design.

1) Continuing to work on adaptive padding implementation.
2) Still prodding Kevin about the blog :/
3) Sent a mail to trendmicro about getting Tor Browser into Pwn2Own in
2018. (I think we're too late for 2017).

1) Sent sponsor4 monthly reports for core tor and tor browser work
2) created wiki pages for sponsor4 and 5 - next is to update sponsors
wiki pages adding links to reports
3) Hiro finished schleuder installation \o/ - tomorrow we are hosting a
meeting at #tor-project to brainstorm features for lightsaber
4) Linda is in touch with many volunteers that are helping with UX team
- Antonela is one of them and both are helping the community team with
their support page
5) created an example of usage of OKRs / will work next on updating the
growth strategy
6) Following up with proposals that are in review process - and working
on ISC Orfox project (next milestone is at the end of the month) - still
having weekly syncs with Brad (its been quite useful)

1) UX team and community team met last week to discuss initial plans for
the design of support.torproject.org. We plan to do a lot of work
together during the meeting in March.
2) Linda and I (and other team leads) will do some of this work in
Seattle at the end of the month too.
3) We connected with an advocate in Egypt which means our Global South
training regions now include MENA, East Africa, and South Asia.
4) We'll start building the agenda for the Tor Meeting this week (based
on the feedback we collected).
5) Phoul will soon add the Tor glossary to Transifex.

1) We now have full multi-lingual support in ooni-wui and
ooniprobe-mobile. Translations for the mobile app have started to come
(Spanish is 100% done).
2) We cleaned up the citizenlab global test list and migrated to the new
category code scheme
3) Progress on the data processing pipeline. We hope to manage to deploy
a staging instance of it this week or next week.

1) Did my self-assessment and got it to the board. Now they're "it."
2) Hired a new Communications Director and have been helping to
acclimate him.
3) working on 2017 budget; kinda hard because we still don't have final
numbers for 2016
4) reminder I'm gonna be mostly offline from 2/22 thru 2/26

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