[tor-project] [Invite] Meeting to discuss features for lightsaber (a trac-cli utility)

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Mon Feb 13 15:13:14 UTC 2017

Hello Tor,


Me and Hiro will be meeting this Friday (Feb 17) at 1400 UTC at
#tor-project to discuss features to lightsaber, a trac-cli utility to
interact with Trac that Hiro is working on.

== Background:

Around an year ago the Network Team discussed the idea of having a
command line tool to interact with Trac, so you could use it to query
Trac in ways you can't really do with their UI.

This was part of a broader discussion around pain points we had on the
team development process (other things came out of it that solves other
problems e.g. git lab for long code reviews).

== What we will do at the this meeting:

As we were discussing this tool we listed some wishes we had for it in a

When Hiro joined Tor I showed this pad to her and she came up with

At this meeting we will review what is in that pad and try to define
concrete features we could add to lightsaber.

== Invitation

I thought would be a good idea to invite the rest of the community to
this conversation as many of us interact with Trac all the time and
probably have some ideas of what could make your life easier with it.

So, if you would like to join us please come to #tor-project, this
Friday (Feb 17) at 1400 UTC.


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