[tor-project] Notes from February 9 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Feb 13 08:02:49 UTC 2017

Notes for February 9 2017 meeting:

1) Coordinating OONI media for ooniprobe phone app release
2) Talking to reporters about uptick in Tor use and downloads
3) Social media

1) MOSS #2 invoice/report out - finishing reports for sponsor4
2) Comms Dir interviews - jitsi + irc
3) Working with Linda on user test of Orfox Security Slider - Linda is
working with Elio on making sure we have imgs+logos files resources,
which eventually can be used by anyone who needs them, but we will apply
it at first on our website to bring it in parity with our style
guidelines (not change design just make sure we have one type of onion
image on the site not 5) - She is also doing a great job on recruiting
volunteers to our UX team! She has a list with 4 or 5 different folks
who are already with a task and helping out o/
4) Hiro is working with Metrics team as well as installing schleuder
(for using trac via email) - we are planning on hosting an open meeting
next week to discuss features for the script she created where you can
query trac tickets and do stuff - we are looking at network team wish
list as inspiration, just need to triage things a little and define
better the 'feature requests'
5) working on sponsorS final report

1) Working on Sponsor2 traffic analysis resistance. I have most of the
system written how I want it; now comes testing.
2) We have a blog URL to test, but Kevin is still slowly fixing
remaining issues. I found a few myself and asked him about them. I
should just send the URL around to see if others have more.

1) I'm going to put the social contract up to a formal vote sometime
next week (since atagar doesn't want anything grandfathered in.
2) After that, will get back on the membership docs.
3) Phoul and I will meet with Linda next week to discuss the support
portal design.
4) Global South outreach continues apace. One of our trainers had a
successful workshop in Karachi, and now we're planning the next one with
another trainer in Nairobi. Once we've had a few go well, I will write a
blog post.
5) I'm reviewing the Tor Meeting agenda feedback emails this weekend.

1) We made progress on our Sponsor4 items

1) Launched ooniprobe mobile app, yay! See:
2) Made a release candidate for the new ooniprobe web UI. See a live
demo of it here: http://demo.probe.ooni.io/

1) Wrapping things up with 0.3.0
2) Stabilizing older release series again
3) Trying to finish core-dev hire.

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