[tor-project] Notes from February 2 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Sun Feb 12 13:03:35 UTC 2017

Notes for February 2 2017 meeting:

1) We concentrated our work on Sponsor4 items and on fixing regressions
in Tor Browser 6.5
2) Where are we with our applications team? <- we'll discuss things
further in Amsterdam + plan to have a meeting there
3) Helped a bit with the Tor Browser related Metrics blog post

1) Hiring still going on. Lessons learned.
2) I'm going to be semi-afk 2/20 through 2/24.  Email will be fine.
3) I think this is the week where we fix the remaining open 030 issues.
Another alpha next week probably.  Then Sponsor4 prelim work, piles of
design proposals, and stable backports?
4) ahf-onboarding seems to be going okay so far (day 2).

1) Interviewing candidates for Communications Director position.
2) Working on Tor meeting details.
3) Approaching funders.
4) Catching up on stuff from being out of the office last week.

1) Answering press queries, posting on social media, will be working
with OONI on press push next week.

1) Kevin ran into two issues with the blog that he is still resolving
(tag imports have issues, and there is a deployment issue). Sorry for
the false alarm last week :/.
2) Working on implementing Adaptive Padding generalization for tor-core
(Sponsor2); coordinating with Matt Wright, Marc Juarez, and SecureDrop

1) Collecting responses for the Tor meeting agenda until tomorrow. Will
send a summary to this group before next week's meeting. Continuing to
do other meeting planning stuff with Shari and Gunner.
2) Global South outreach: will write a blog post once we've got a few
trainings scheduled
3) LFP events upcoming: Pratt Institute, Drexel University, Sacred Heart
Church, Temple University
4) Working with Shari, Isa, and Erin on comms director interviews

1) Blogged about Tor Metrics' new graph on Tor Browser downloads and
updates: https://blog.torproject.org/blog/tor-browser-numbers
2) Planning to add another graph on Tor Browser downloads by operating
3) Put out a new Onionoo release and closed about a dozen Atlas tickets
towards making Atlas more user-friendly, scheduled blog post for end of
February when next Onionoo protocol version 4.0 gets released.
4) Preparing for in-person meeting in Berlin next Friday.

1) Fires related to ooni infrastructure all resolved. Data has been
reprocessed new database has been populated, by the end of today
ooni-explorer will roll-over to the new database and everything will be
back to normal.
2) The first stage of the re-engineered data processing pipeline is
finished. We are now able to generate "canned" reports that are
compressed and result in much reduced storage and faster re-processing
3) The ooniprobe mobile release is on track. We expect to upload an app
for review by apple today or tomorrow.
4) Addressed all items in the feedback provided by Linda to the new
ooniprobe web UI. Live demo available here:

1) SponsorU stuff is all done and invoice is being processed
2) Sponsor5 Milestone 2 was finished and reported to sponsor
3) SponsorS final quarterly report will be submitted today
4) New DRL proposal - had the call, waiting for follow up steps
5) Need to work on: Task Force proposal - OKRs example - User Growth
Strategy update report - sponsor4 reports
6) Interviewing candidates for Comms Dir position

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