[tor-project] Fwd: Support computer-user freedom by exhibiting at LibrePlanet 2017 again

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Tue Feb 7 09:38:25 UTC 2017

tl;dr: LibrePlanet wants us back with a booth.

Since Tor was put on FSF's High Priority List (since Richard uses it now
I hear?) very recently, this sounds like a good idea.


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Subject: Support computer-user freedom by exhibiting at LibrePlanet 2017
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2017 15:05:48 -0500

Dear Moritz,

Thank you very much for supporting us through the exhibit hall at
LibrePlanet in 2014!

Over the past 8 years, **LibrePlanet**
(<https://www.libreplanet.org/2017>) has become a prominent free
software conference for a vibrant, diverse community of developers,
policy experts, activists, students, and users who care about the
intersection of technology, education, and user freedom. With past
keynote speakers including **Edward Snowden**, **Sue Gardner**
(Wikimedia Foundation), and **Allison Randal** (Open Source
Initiative), LibrePlanet is a banner event with 400 attendees and
thousands more watching conference sessions online. It is also one of
the only technology conferences to run its infrastructure entirely on
free software.

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Massachusetts Institute of
Technology's (MIT) Student Information Processing Board are working
hard organizing **LibrePlanet 2017: The Roots of Freedom -- Saturday
and Sunday, March 25 and 26, 2017 at the MIT Stata Center**. This year
will feature keynote speakers **Cory Doctorow** (author, activist, and
co-editor of boingboing.net), **Kade Crockford** (ACLU Massachusetts),
**Sumana Harihareswara** (Changeset Consulting), and **Richard
Stallman** (FSF founder and president). The conference is funded and
staffed by the Free Software Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
charity, and we need your support. **Will you join us at LibrePlanet
2017 as an exhibitor again?**

Exhibiting at LibrePlanet will ensure Tor:

- has an exhibitor table in our lively, centrally located hall,
- is listed in the program book and on the event website as an exhibitor,
- receives 2 registrations for all conference events.

LibrePlanet could not happen without the contributions of donors,
sponsors, and exhibitors. In addition to other logistics, sponsors and
exhibitors fund gratis admission for all students and travel/lodging
scholarships to help speakers and students who would not be able to
make it otherwise. Last year, we received 37 applications for
scholarships and were able to fulfill 10. This year, we hope to do
even more with your support. You can be confident in our financial
stewardship and responsible use of resources -- the FSF has been in
operation for over 30 years, and we have the highest rating possible
on Charity Navigator (4 stars).

LibrePlanet offers tremendous visibility, allowing you to showcase
your support of free software to users, developers, and potential
employees. While everything you do may not be free software, it is
likely that a substantial portion of your organization relies on
it. Sponsoring is a great way to give back and support the community
that continues to make and improve the pool of software available to
you. Conference sponsors and exhibitors are able to engage all the
attendees and organization representatives at the two-day event,
thousands of viewers who watch online, the FSF's 4,000 members and
130,000+ subscribers, and nearly 20 million unique web visitors who
visit fsf.org, libreplanet.org, and gnu.org each year.

You can find more information on LibrePlanet sponsorship and exhibitor
opportunities at <https://libreplanet.org/2017/sponsors/>.
We would love for Tor to be part of the exhibit hall again. If you are
interested, please let me know at <membership at fsf.org> by March 5th.

Thank you again for supporting our work to promote, protect, and
develop free software.

Jeanne Rasata
Program Assistant
Free Software Foundation
GnuPG Key: F24B 3F64 31A1 90D6 1CCC  0394 E8FD 48A0 DE0D C371

P.S.: Check out this short video about LibrePlanet, made with free

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