[tor-project] Notes from December 21 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Dec 22 11:14:18 UTC 2017

Notes for December 21 2017 meeting:

1) we need Tor weatherperson - someone to keep an eye on the network and
see what relay is misbehaving, or when metrics starts to go crazy and
dig in to figure out ssup. Or in other words someone to do what dgoulet
has been doing on the top of everything else he does
2) after traveling and non-stop meetings (very productive btw) together
with my computer breaking - I got behind on some work but I hope to get
those done specially the priorities: emailbundle+onionservices otf
proposal, Sida work plan and sponsor4 invoice reports
3) will be in SF jan 2nd to 5th working from somewhere (not sure where
yet) in case ppl want to meet.
4) Roadmaps! - how are teams with coordination with other teams for
dependencies etc?

1) Israel talks went well. I visited Palestine too. Though now I'm sick.
2) I've rebooted the "circumvention pass-through funding" discussion.
3) Alison, Steph, should we do the transition of frontdesk to an alias?
Anything still blocking that? (Answer: they figured out a way to make rt
more fun to use, so need to switch it to an alias at this time.]

1) recruiting for Library Freedom Institute
(libraryfreedomproject.org/lfi) !!!!! and working on curriculum design.
blog post is going up about this on Friday. deadline for applicants is
February 1. anyone who wants to see the curriculum so far is welcome to
contact me.
2) Pari is ready to start sending user issues updates to
tor-project at lists.torproject.org.
3) Phoul and I are adding more to the support portal content based on
what Pari found.
4) working on relay ops wiki with Phoul, nusenu, irl and others
(https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/OperatorsTips and
#24497). I hope we can finish the remaining TODO items and then publish
a short blog post announcing this very soon. Eventually this
documentation will live on community.torproject.org
5) code of conduct draft will go out for proposal after the break
6) prepping for January Sponsor 9 tasks
7) speaking at University of Washington and Georgetown in January
8) Phoul is working on some issues with Transifex that's causing
problems with getting our downloads page translated

1) Campaigned hard to raise 5k to see someone eating an onion in the Tor
office. We got $20,000 (not counting Mozilla’s match). The Seattle
office filmed, and I edited. We sent an email and tweeted almost hourly
2) Tommy, Shari, and I are finishing up final EOY fundraising items.
3) I’ll be creating a one pager on Tor which dispels “dark web” concerns
for donors to use internally to be ready end of Jan/ early Feb.
4) Scheduling content to go out over the break. Will keep checking in
with social media

1) Working with Isa, Suhke, and Tommy on stories and concept note
2) Trying to wrap up guard-related tickets for 0.3.3

1) Met with auditors. Trying to get 990 out the door before the holiday.
2) Lots of end-of-year campaign stuff.
3) Contacting major donors next week to remind them to give before year
is up.

1) Changed ExoneraTor to only serve completed dates, which excludes the
current day and the day before that.
2) Released Onionoo 5.0-1.9.0 which removes $ from fingerprints in
family fields.
3) Changed metrics-web from being a Tomcat web application to shipping
with an embedded Jetty.
4) Put out internal releases of metrics-web and ExoneraTor to facilitate
development for new contributors.
5) Published blog post on Relay Search improvements:
6) Started looking into OONI's vanilla Tor data analysis, but need more
time for a useful response.

1) Working on DoS issues, trying not to have extra work looming over us
for next week.
2) I've nearly lost track of roadmap stuff; going to spend any remaining
time this week on organizing things for early 2018.
3) Aiming for stable 0.3.2 on 8 Jan.

1) Preparing the OONI CCC presentation:
2) Most of our team is not going to be very available in this period for
festivities + 34C3

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