[tor-project] Tor Browser team meeting notes, 18 Dec 2017

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Dec 18 21:29:00 UTC 2017

Hi All!

We had our last Tor Browser meeting in 2017. Here is the meeting transcript:


And the notes from the pad are:

Monday, December 18

-next ESR will potentially be Firefox 60


    Last week:
        - Reviewed and cherry-picked orfox commits onto 52.5.2esr-7.5-2
            - manual testing on android emulators is successful, so far
        - Started looking at unit testing
            - I'll push a public branch today for review
        - Began looking at XUL->WebExtension migration for tor-launcher

    This week:
    - Push branch for review
    - Continue testing
    - Compare orfox and TB for Android fingerprinting with Panopticlick

mcs and brade:

    Last week:
    - Completed code reviews for:
    - #23104 CSS line-height reveals the platform
    - #23016 "Print to File" does not create the expected file
    - #24398 Plugin-container exhausts memory
    - #21847 Update copy for security slider to be consistent with mobile
    - Provided patches for:
    - #24623 revise "country that censors Tor" text
    - #24624 tbb-logo.svg may cause network access
    - Worked on Moat integration for Tor Launcher (#23136).

    Planned for the remainder of 2017:
    - Take some time off to celebrate Christmas with our family.
    - Help with code reviews and bug triage.
    - More work on Moat integration and other aspects of the new Tor
Launcher UI.
    - The code is nearly done. To do:
    - Test proxy support.
    - File tickets for any remaining loose ends.
    - Make the code available for preliminary review.

    - BUT: there is no public server with which to test :(


    Last Week:
        - Looked into Tor Button and make sure we can use WebExtension
        - Looked into tbb-tests to verify what tests are missing for the
Tor Button
            * drag and drop filter test (src/components/dragDropFilter.js)
            * Content policy (src/components/content-policy.js [there is
a fix for gecko, however it would be great to double check])
        -  Updated the #22084 (merged)
    This week:
        - Write tests for Tor Button
        - Start the tor button for mobile proposal


    Last Week:
        -Release preparations
        -Reviews (thanks to mcs/brade for the help)
        -Wrote a fix for #21847
        -Looked again into Cloudflare's Privacy Pass
        -Took up again work on updating design document
    This Week:
        -Signing 7.5a10
        -Work on the design document
        -Work on #24421
        -Traveling on Thursday, and planning to take Friday off


    Last Week:
        - Mozilla All Hands
    This week:
        - publishing 7.5a10
        - will ping sysadmins about #24585 and check if anything more is
        - work on other tbb-rbm tickets


    Last Week:
        - Mozilla All Hands
    This week:
        - #23930 (mac font crash)
        - #18101 (windows and mac file dialog leaks)
        - #22343 Save as FPI
        - #14952 Enable H2.
    And I will be afk for the week of Dec 25 - Jan 1.


    Last Week:

    - Mozilla All Hnads

    This Week:

    - #15599 (pdf.js range-based requests using default circuit)


    Last Week:
    - Mozilla All Hands
    - Learned a tiny bit more about Canvas Fingerprinting (namely that
40%+ of FF users on Windows already do software rendering)
    - Fusion stuff sent to the list
    - The sandboxing team would like to remove --disable-sandbox
sometime in the future, so uplifting the sandbox patches is medium-term
    - There is early discussion about using a broker process (on Windows
at least) which would enable flexibility to sandbox the parent process


    Last week:
        - Mozilla All Hands - lots of good conversations and exciting
things going on
    This week:
        - mobile folks meeting - topic: gecko view and the android
roadmap for 2018 (ux team and mobile team cooperation)
        - mcs + brade -> can we sync with isis on wednesday at 2000UTC
on #24636 and #24637 (or any other blocker you might have for moat
        - for anyone who cares we are having another sync on .onion
states this wed at 1900 utc


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