[tor-project] Notes from December 14 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Dec 15 08:30:17 UTC 2017

Notes for December 14 2017 meeting:

1) our Outreachy intern Pari is doing an amazing job organizing user
issues and support questions to eventually share monthly with tor-project@
2) Library Freedom Institute is now seeking applicants for the June 2018
cohort! libraryfreedomproject.org/lfi.
3) gonna send the draft of meeting invites to tor-internal today
4) working on the Tor relays wiki (#24497)

1) The security releases (Tor Browser 7.0.11 and 7.5a9) got out, finally
2) The blog post about our Fastly usage got out, finally
3) Preparations for another alpha release next week
4) Resumed review of Cloudflare's Privacy Pass extension

1) new tor rc probably comes out right after this meeting

1) Nothing new to report

1) preparing for board meeting on Monday
2) quick application for Pineapple Fund yesterday
3) editing Rose Foundation grant (due Friday)
4) getting ready to meet with auditors next week
5) trying to reschedule one-on-one with Dan Meredith
6) lots of year end stuff, including personally emailing lapsed major
donors in the next two weeks
7) lots of loose ends

1) Revised IPv6 servers statistics module after importing descriptor
archive since 2007. Currently under review. Hope is to deploy by end of
the year.
2) Made a list of tasks we'd like to complete by end of the year.
Counting 12 tasks, where ~6 would be good, more would be better.

1) We have been working on unbricking OONI Explorer and it's starting to
present fresh data since today. See:
2) Published a new version of the documentation on how to contribute
test lists: https://ooni.torproject.org/get-involved/contribute-test-lists/
3) Made a PoC implementation of our new website in next.js to compare it
against another possible solution based on gatsby. We will pick one of
the two by next week:
4) Landed an important pull requests for the OONI Probe backend that
will allow us to dynamically provision test lists:

1) Closed out the books through November 30
2) Prepared financial reports for upcoming board meeting
3) Gathering financial info for Rose Foundation grant
4) Sue emailed program employees with their new time allocation budgets
and cc'd the individual responsible for approving their time
5) Updating a schedule that tracks employee PTO time earned/used;
planning to distribute individual info to employees for verification by
end of the month
6) Meetings with reps from ADP, our domestic payroll service

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