[tor-project] Community Team monthly update, November 2017

Alison Macrina alison at torproject.org
Mon Dec 11 18:52:00 UTC 2017

Hello Tor World,

Here's an update from the Community Team for November!

November 2017 Community Team report

Meeting notes November 2017

Funding community team projects
Tommy is conducting the initial research on funding for two of the
community team's main work areas: Global South outreach (growing,
strengthening, and supporting Tor in the region) and Tor relay operator

Support portal
The communications team is working with us to finalize the text for the
support portal, while the UX team continues to work on design. We
continued writing more content for the portal, including explanations
for common log errors.

Our Outreachy intern, Parinishtha, is also working on organizing user
feedback to better assist with support. She's monitoring things like
blog comments, IRC, and questions submitted to frontdesk@ and then
cataloging user issues to share with developers and people working on
the support portal. Next month, Pari will send the first update to
tor-project at lists.torproject.org.

Relay operators guide
Last month, we were planning to write a blog post with the steps to
running a relay simplified. After a lot of work on the post in November,
we realized it would be better to merge it into #24497, and turn the
content into information on an organized wiki:

It's still majorly a work in progress. We need to add to some of the
sections, and then simplify the document so it's not just a confusing
text block. We'll be working on that in December. And we still plan to
write a blog post about it!

Tor talks
In November, Alison spoke about Tor at the Freedom of Research
Conference in Paris.

We also submitted proposals for Tor talks at LibrePlanet and RightsCon.

Library Freedom Institute
Alison worked on finalizing the website, contacting potential guest
lecturers, and getting outreach information organized for next month's

Phoul put the downloads page up on Transifex and then ran into some
issues with webml that needed to be troubleshooted. He also worked on a
script to allow us to push translations up to Transifex faster.

Community documents
We decided to put the code of conduct proposal period on hold until
after the Mozilla All-Hands meeting in December; Mozilla has an amazing
Diversity and Inclusion team and we want to talk to them about codes of
conduct and incident response policies.

Alison Macrina
Community Team Lead
The Tor Project

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