[tor-project] Notes from December 7 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Dec 8 11:12:17 UTC 2017

Notes for December 7 2017 meeting:

1) Had productive conversation with Mozillans last week; I'm feeling
generally positive about spec work.
2) Security releases uneventful; next planned Tor release is an another
alpha, or maybe a release candidate, around 15 Dec-- then aiming for
another release in early January.
3) I need to disseminate knowledge to people going to the mozilla
all-hands, but I don't know what.  Ask me stuff?

1) Made good progress on IPv6 relay/bridge statistics. Currently under
2) Relay Search (formerly known as Atlas) now has a world map!

1) going over support portal copy with Tommy to be done by end of Dec
2) planning onion services campaigning with comms, asn, & dgoulet
3) editing next fundraising email with tommy / comms
4) newsletter went out yesterday with blogs from the last month, donate
call to action, upcoming events
5) I’ll be at Mozilla all-hands next week - interested to learn more
about how we work together, their comms and marketing, and how we can
campaign together
6) I'll be at our Tor meetup tonight in NYC

1) Is ReCaptcha acting up? I have developed a habit of skipping
cloudflare captcha sites, but some guy keeps highlighting me on IRC
about some issue? [GeKo: Could be, there have been some folks quite
vocal about it on trac as well in the last weeks]
2) What do we think about Privacy Pass? Is it too early to ask Google if
they would look at it? [GeKo: I plan to have another look at it next
week. Let me get back to you then?]

1) We worked on remaining Sponsor4 items (we are almost done here, two
things left)
2) The security releases are about to get out

1) spoke at a panel at MDF annual meeting
2) Decision was made last week on what Sukhbir will work on :) which
will be mail bundle (focusing on showcasing the experience of using an
email client on mobile that connects to tor and then to the email
provider using .onion - the bundle will enable the client to connect to
tor. The email provider for this prototype will be riseup (they are
already using .onion))
3) working in Seattle this week - meeting about grants for 2018 and
organizing workplan for big UX contract
4) Reviewing sponsor8 work to see how we doing for Q4 before Q4 ends
[nick maybe we could sync about this like we did with ahf and catalyst
(or whoever is working on this stuff)]

1) Thank you for all of the feedback on the latest employee time
allocation budgets.  I have made updates based on issues/concerns noted
and will be sending out the updated version momentarily.
2) Jon and I have implemented a new inventory system for managing all of
the swag that is sent to donors/relay operators/other friends of Tor.
With the new office and the system we put in place, Jon is getting
shirts out at a very high rate (over 300 in one day!)
3) Sue and I have been reviewing current use of Harvest and will be
coming up with a brief report on ways we can utilize the system more
effectively.  Expect to distribute first to vegas team later this month.

1) CCC plans and spaces
2) rome invites
3) i disappear tomorrow to begin my five-country travel adventure

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