[tor-project] Notes from November 30 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Sat Dec 2 14:53:32 UTC 2017

Notes for November 30 2017 meeting:

1) hidden services are now onion services site wide! thanks, kat!
2) we passed 216k with mozilla’s match
3) blog post on Primavera Hacker out now, looking fwd to more localized
posts like this

1) Met with namecoin developer, chatted about status of prop279, name
service integration, etc.
2) Making progress on various fronts; roadmap seems to actually be
working this time
3) Meeting with mozilla folks tomorrow to talk about specifications. We
need to figure out what kind of scope makes the most sense for us to do.

1) resolving all November roadmap tasks for the community team!
2) planning Library Freedom Institute schedule
3) working on the support portal
4) onboarding Parinishtha, our new Outreachy intern. her first
assignment is to review various places where users submit
questions/issues, organize those into categories, and share them with devs
5) finishing relay ops blog post, which might be better off as an even
longer/better organized guide
6) thinking about the initial plans for the next two Tor meetings

1) Published report (in collaboration with Bytes for All) on censorship
events that occurred in Pakistan last weekend:
2) Published report examining cases of DNS misconfiguration:
3) Made an interactive data visualisation showing some cursory analysis
of the Tor reachability data from OONI measurements. How can we maximise
the usefulness of this endeavour for all the tor teams?
4) Hosted monthly OONI community meeting
5) OONI talk got accepted at CCC

1) Trying to shake off travel, a bad toothache and family entertaining
to get through my email backlog. If you're waiting on something from me,
you might want to remind me about it!
2) Finalizing new big grant for usability and outreach. Sent contract
document; working with Isa and Tommy next week on work plan.
3) Working on Rose Foundation funding proposal with Tommy.
4) Reviewing end-of-year fundraising drafts before we send them.
5) We are all moved into our new Seattle office, downstairs from our old
Seattle office.

1) Re-integrating semi-idle people into teams?
2) Isa and I talked to Brad -- new time allocations imminent I hope?
[Brad: updated budget to actuals on grants sent to you and Isa this
morning.  Making sure there are no flaws with our updated time
allocation budgets before distributing to Vegas team for review. Expect
to receive today/tomorrow]
3) I'm the only one who has asked for CCC travel reimbursement so far.
4) Brad: can somebody acknowledge the Minnesota accounting mail? [Brad:
yes, I will respond]

1) Published Tor Metrics roadmap until September 2018.
2) Added Compass functionality into Atlas and scheduled turning off
Compass by end of the year.
3) Put out new Onionoo release 1.8.0.
4) Added metrics timeline entries underneath graphs on Tor Metrics website.
5) Switched to Salt for maintaining OnionPerf instances.

1) Just finished updating grant/contract compliance database through Oct
31, including budget-to-actuals on grants and milestone status on
deliverable-based contracts
2) Met last week with Roger & Isa to update employee time budgets, and
today finishing analysis of estimated burn rate needed to utilize
remaining NSF and DRL grant funds
3) Pending any changes based on remaining grant funds, updated employee
time budgets will be distributed to Vegas team tomorrow
4) Hearing that some employees did not receive updated budgets the last
time they were revised (early October), so I will make sure that any
changes are communicated to budgets are communicated to both employees
and team leads.

1) The systems simulating my consciousness are slowly coming back to
full capacity. I guess somebody paid the rent.
2) My current thinking re Sukhbir (deciding on Mail vs Chat) is that we
should pick the project that allows us  to quickly capture the most
users. I see three paths to this: A) work on Thunderbird and hope our
changes are eventually merged (very risky); B) work on k9-mail and hope
those changes are merged (less risky); C) work on a browser-based chat
that notices when people who have it installed are using Twitter DMs,
Facebook, or Gmail chat, and offers to upgrade them to onion service
chat instead.

1) Sponsor 4 work is almost done; some remaining bits need to be wrapped
up (which will be done next week), then only moat support is still
missing which is being worked on
2) No Tor Browser talk at CCC. I heard with one slot more we would have
been in.

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