[tor-project] Notes from August 17 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Aug 18 08:07:13 UTC 2017

Notes for August 17 2017 meeting:

1) support wiki sprint happened and new edits are up! next we will go
through the old FAQ and pull what should go into the wiki, make a "top
issues" section (eg "your clock is wrong), and write a more extensive
"my antivirus is blocking Tor" article
2) Montreal meeting planning: scheduling emails have gone out. should we
talk about Mike's meeting taxonomy ideas? (it can probably wait if it
needs to)
3) Colin went on "The Complete Privacy and Security Podcast" (episode
40) and did great!
4) Will participate in fundraising sprint next week

1) Looking for local speaking trainers for a half day session in Montreal
2) Working on end of year fundraising campaign. Filling out prep survey
with GR. Sprints start next week.
3) Worked w Philipp to publish onion survey blog post. Planning upcoming
posts with Tommy including post on browser downloads over the past 6
months, a story on ISPs
4) Social media.
5) A few press inquiries.
6) Linda will be speaking at Codemasters in Bulgaria.
7) Multiple templates in multiple formats are done, will be uploaded to
media.torproject.org https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/23248
8) Signup form w double opt in email confirmation are ready for donor
focused newsletter. Now working with Isa, hiro, and GR to figure out how
we can have HTML versions and an archive of sent mailings.

1) working with Giant Rabbit on getting end-of-year campaign started
2) talking with auditor, who is in the office this week
3) scheduled a trip to San Francisco for late September; gonna see
Mitchell Baker

1) Our OTF proposal got approved!
2) We released ooniprobe 1.1.5 on mobile with push notification support
and a new net neutrality test called DASH. It didn't catch fire, but we
still have to send the first notification to the 6000+ users that have
notifications enabled.
3) Maria attended a Ford Foundation retreat in Maine this week
4) Made an iconset for the citizenlab category codes of URLs:
5) Leonid did some very important (and I should say also of excellent
quality) work on re-organising and improving our dev ops tooling

1) Made some progress with integrating sanitized web server logs into
CollecTor and the Tor Metrics Library.
2) Cleaning up ExoneraTor a bit towards resolving database performance
problems and integration into Tor Metrics website.
3) Hot-fixed Collector after temporary bridge authority outage.

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