[tor-project] Network team meeting, 14 August 2017

Alexander Færøy ahf at torproject.org
Mon Aug 14 17:49:49 UTC 2017


It's vacation season so a lot of people are out this week, but the
remaining people in the network team had a short meeting today on IRC.

The minutes from the IRC meeting can be found at

The pad content can be found here:

--- snip ---

Network team meeting, 14 August 2017

Announcements and requests:
    - Nick has opened review-group-22.  Have a look!  Please review
    - Nick's out of town this week. 
    - After the meeting, somebody please send out a copy of this pad and
a link to the logs for tor-project@
    - How early should people arrive for Montreal anyway? [to team
mailing list]

    * Last week
        * Hacks and merges on stuff for R, Q, V, etc.
        * Numerous bugfixes and cleanups
        * Grabbed lots of small tickets
        * Sent out proposal 280 (privcount in tor)
        * Wrote and sent out proposal 281 (downloading microdescriptors
in smarter ways)
        * Collected lists of things we did for NSF and sponsor4. (ahf,
isabela, I sent you email about the sponsor4 status stuff I did)
        * Wrapped up one last sponsor4 task (#23220)
        * Started writing proposals on authority refactoring, TLS 1.3

      * This week
        * On vacation!  (I'll see personal mail, and mostly ignore
        * probably not hacking, unless I get bored in the car or
something ;)

    * The week after
      * I'm planning to release  Please help with bugfixing!

    * Last week
        - run a fuzzing test on an outer layer of hsv3 desc and found a
bug (#23233)
    * This week
        - write an inner layer fuzzing of hsv3 desc and run it to find
some bugs

    Last week:
        Sponsor 8:
            - Went out and got a spare nexus 5 to test on.
            - Started collecting metrics via the dump system subsystem
              Android (on device).
            - Gave up on the simulator: too slow and querky to do
              useful with except looking at the apps themselves.
            - Misc. reviews.
            - Went to SHA2017 - met a lot of nice Tor users, did a talk.
            - Tried to keep the next-gen HS running as david+george's
prop 244

    This week:
        Sponsor 8:
            - Start looking into Nick's list of timed events, start
trying to
              minimize them, check if it has a direct effect on the
        Sponsor 4:
            - Go over Nick's comments to the prop 278 merge, send new
one to
              review for when he's back from vacation.

    - Figure out how to get to montreal: is _all_ network team meetings
set in stone now?
    Next week:
        - I have vacation to do BornHack!

   Last week:
    - Recovering from back injury.
   This week:
    - Still recovering, and preparing for vacation
    - Going to try to get patches ready for #23077 and #23097 before I

     Last week:
    - Reviewed Chelsea's protover
    - Wrote up more Ristretto specs
    - Spent ~1 day total mentoring the intern for the bridge bandwidth

     This week:
         - Mostly AFK to go speak at RustConf

    Last week (2017-W32):
        - chased down Roger's complaint about variable shadowing
warnings from gcc post-hs-merge. Turns out there's an old gcc bug that
made it complain about shadowing functions with variables. We should
probably ignore those warnings because modern compilers are more
        - more investigation about bridge bypass (#20532); blocked by
some weird hard-to-reproduce issues on Tor Browser
        - some Montreal meeting logistics. Turns out air travel for me
tends to require awkward routings now that I'm not in something that
pretends to be an airline hub
        - met with Nick, Roger, and a few others (tbb-dev types?) about
        - community team sprint.  Tried out a few GetTor things and
opened tickets suggesting improvements
    This week (2017-W33):
        - make more progress on #20532
        - make more progress on improving bootstrap progress/error
reporting (some good ideas already noted in the pad)
    - Last week:
        - Came up with a rust kata for Montreal, will send that out soon
if people want to start beforehand
    - This week:
        - Fixing up rust protover from Isis's review

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