[tor-project] How to help people on weekends?

Carolin Zöbelein contact at carolin-zoebelein.de
Sun Aug 13 19:18:57 UTC 2017


> FWIW, #tor seems to slow down way on the weekends, even when left -R.
> That doesn't mean we should ignore the people that _do_ show up on
> the
> weekends, however.
> If we want a bot to do something, I'd be willing to write and/or run
> it.
> pastly_bot is going to need some more features anyway if we're going
> to
> keep #tor -R more than we already do.
> Also, don't let me unnecessarily turn into an IRC thread ;) Roger
> mentioned the mailing lists and blog comments too.

as one of the volunteers who is also hanging around on irc during this
mentioned times, I made the following experiences:

- at weekends, in generally, there is nearly zero traffic. Both tor
people and others.
- but during the week, the most tor people are present during American
daytime, but within the other times not.
=> That's not nice.

I already have had several times the situation that somebody appeared
on irc, looking for tor people, no developer was around, so I "jumped
in" and said "hello". :)

Although I couldn't help much they seemed to be very happy that they
received a reaction by an human and not only a bot.
=> So, I understand if nobody wants/or can do this every weekend and
maybe a bot would be an easier solution, but people are really
thankfully if they get some attention from a human and not only a
machine. We should cultivate our tor friends by giving them the
attention which they earn. ;)


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