[tor-project] Notes from August 10 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Sat Aug 12 20:11:59 UTC 2017

Notes for August 10 2017 meeting:

1) We disappear on weekends. :/
2) Did my defcon talk last week, with ~2k people in the audience. (Two
follow-up talk invites, to Sofia and Kiev) Created the speaking@ alias
to help coordinate our response to talk invites.
3) I'm going to say yes to a McGill Tor talk that Biella is organizing
right after Montreal Mtg
4) I'm working on an NSF Medium proposal with Prateek and Aaron, due October
5) Brad: we got our no-cost-extension for SponsorQ
6) I published some of the Tor Research Safety Board cases:
7) I'm off to FOCI/Usenix security this weekend/next week, and will be
less online the week after.
8) I'm currently buried in NSF annual report writing.

1) Out next week. Will see personal email.
2) Service-side HS implementation is merged. Client-side should be ready
for review once I'm back from vacation.

1) Working on various grant proposals.
2) Trying to work through backlog of emails after some travel.
3) Some personnel stuff.

1) Back re-injury last week. Spent most of the week either in bed, or
2) Supposed to be on vacation starting mid next week, but this may not

1) Monitoring support wiki blog comments and preparing for tomorrow's
support wiki sprint.
2) Working on a few grant related things and waiting to hear back from
one Big One
3) Sent out another draft of the membership guidelines
4) Speakers bureau is going pretty well so far! We've started handing
out speaking engagements as they come in, and I'm looking around for
training resources for the Montreal meeting.
5) The only thing I have to discuss is Montreal meeting planning!

1) Working w GR on newsletter setup.
2) Managing blogs
3) Finding speakers, responding to press. Got some answers up on
TheQuestion english and russian.
4) Finishing odf templates. Will next get these living somewhere
5) Social media. We're up to over 1k new followers on twitter each week

1) The bug bounty program is a success so far I think but it still
involves quite some work to follow up on reports
2) We made progress with the browser dev hiring; first interview
yesterday, two more to come today
3) Sponsor4 money is running out in about 3 months (affecting at least
the current Tor Browser team). What are the follow-up plans? <- shari,
brad and isabela will look at it again and we'll take the planning from that

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