[tor-project] support the torproject with bridges

isis agora lovecruft isis at torproject.org
Thu Aug 10 00:02:16 UTC 2017

Felix transcribed 1.2K bytes:
> Hi isis
> > I don't want to speak for the Tor Browser Team, but I think we'd be
> > happy to take you up on it. I can add your obfs4 bridges to Tor
> > Browser's default bridges, or—if you would be excited to write the
> > patch—I can show you where/what to edit. Please let me know which
> > you'd prefer.
> It's may-be better done by the experts - means not me :)
> > Please don't paste it here on the list, but we'll need the IP(s),
> > obfs4 ports, fingerprints, and bridgelines for your bridges.
> > The fingerprint should be in $DATA_DIRECTORY/fingerprint and
> > the bridgeline should be in $DATA_DIRECTORY/pt_state
> > /obfs4_bridgeline.txt.
> All is here. Where shall I ship this stuff ?
> > Thanks again!
> It's my pleasure.

Hey Felix,

If you send it to isis at torproject.org, I'll make a patch.  The ticket
for this is:


Best regards,
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