[tor-project] Community Team July report

Alison Macrina alison at torproject.org
Wed Aug 9 20:21:00 UTC 2017

Here are the highlights of the Community Team's work in July 2017:

July 2017 Community Team report

Meeting notes July 2017

Tor Meeting planning
Invites for the Tor Montreal Meeting have gone out, and now the Vegas
Leads (which includes Alison) are organizing the week's events and will
soon start soliciting ideas for the schedule.

Support portal/support wiki
A number of us who work on support met in July to talk about support
needs. We also did a lot of work on the support wiki, which is now

We published a blog post announcing the wiki and soliciting more

In August, we'll have a support wiki sprint to incorporate some of that
feedback and add more questions and answers.

Community documents
Alison and catalyst worked on the code of conduct draft some. The
contributor guidelines discussion continued on the tor-internal@ list.
We'll send another updated draft in early August. Alison also worked on
a FOSS/Tor history and culture onboarding doc that will get published to
the onboarding wiki in August.

Library Freedom Project
Held outreach/training events for the Society of American Archivists,
Drexel University, and Oregon librarians. Worked with NYCLU on an
upcoming privacy training. Drafted some grants, including a couple for
graphic design and website work. Made plans for upcoming talks,
including one at a freedom of expression conference in Paris.

Speakers bureau
The community and communications teams organized a group of people for
the Tor Speakers Bureau in order to empower more people to speak about
Tor and broaden our outreach. The next step for the Speakers Bureau is
to participate in public speaking training. We hope to do some of this
in person at the Montreal meeting.

Google Summer of Code

Lots happening with GSoC in July, so here are all of the current GSoC
project reports:

unMessage reports:

anon-connection-wizard reports:

Tor Browser Crash Reporter:

Improving Ahmia:

GSoC finals begin August 29th!

Next up: more Tor Montreal meeting planning, more work on the code of
conduct draft, finishing the contributor guidelines, more work on the
support wiki including the sprint.

Thanks for reading!
Alison Macrina
Community Team Lead
The Tor Project

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