[tor-project] Notes from August 3 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Fri Aug 4 13:04:37 UTC 2017

Notes for August 3 2017 meeting:

1) Worked on further refining support wiki. Wrote a blog post about the
support wiki that Steph will publish sometime next week. The post makes
it clear that the support wiki is a dynamic document that will get
better with more feedback, and I'm hoping to get feedback in the post
comments that we can incorporate into the wiki during our support wiki
sprint on August 11.
2) Onboarded Steph about Tor/FOSS culture and history. When I get some
time I'm going to clean up my notes and turn that document into an
actual onboarding doc. Feedback would be great!
3) Worked on the code of conduct draft some. Now wondering what's up
with the membership guidelines?
4) Spoke about onion services for archives at the Society of American
Archivists Conference last week.
5) Began organizing the Tor Speakers Bureau. Almost 30 people have
signed up!
6) Worked on some grant stuff with the comms team.
7) Worked on some Tor Meeting planning stuff. Next week's Vegas meeting
will be all about planning the Tor Meeting schedule.

1) Who should go to the OTF Summit? (Discussed for a while. Isabela will
reach out to teams and individuals, aiming to reply to OTF RSN)

0) Working to get Prop247 (hidden service guard selection) performance
experiments running. Will need to coordinate with Karsten for running a
few onionperf instances.
1) Goal is to get both Prop247 and Prop254 implementations working well
enough for experiments to run while I am on vacation. Going to be
ignoring most other non-critical things.

0) Nothing seems to be on fire with us.
1) Didn't get hs-ng merged for defcon, but it *is* working. Code still
under review. Hoping we'll merge by the 0.3.2 deadline (15 Sep.)
2) Had to push back 0.3.1 stable, since it wasn't ready for the start of
august. Hoping for start of september. Not currently planning
corresponding delays in 0.3.2 stable deadlines.
3) I'm trying to push the privcount work forward. 0.3.2 merge for some
in-tor trial component seems doable, pending prompt replies from nrl folks.
4) Got useful feedback from mcs et al on usability features in progress
reporting for Tor Launcher.

1) Double-checked Tor Browser initial download numbers without finding
anything unusual. iwakeh might continue this analysis next week.

0) worked with Tommy and Metrics folks on OTF response
1) Worked with Erin, Tommy and Steph on 'onboarding wiki' -
https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/onboarding (we
organized the information people brainstormed into sections and started
populating those but there are still lots of work to do on this page)
2) Got deliverables reports out - getting july reports ready to be send
before i go on vacation
3) great progress with tor launcher ui changes - now working on
dependencies and copy / also lots of progress overall with ux work, did
an update no all our projects at this week meeting (you can see on
meetings notes to ux list)
4) did some prep work for sponsor8
5) worked on a proposal for a collaborative way to build tor meeting

1) Still working with Giant Rabbit on getting the newsletter setup.
Slowly making process. Also working with them to move press
contacts/orgs into Civi. Starting to move contacts in there now
2) Maintaining blog calendar and working with authors + Tommy on posts -
lined up: MOSS award, Canada events, Orfox, Support Wiki, Onion Survey,
Browser download metrics
3) Getting in more of a flow with press inquiries. We answered a couple
questions for TheQuestion.ru, they'll be on the English site as well.
Connected Arthur with a presentation. Will coordinate promotion of
Colin's podcast
4) Have made a little headway with templates. Need to make odf versions.
We'll have as a resource in media.tp

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