[tor-project] [CHANGING MEETING DATE] Re: Reviving the 'Trac discussion'

isabela isabela at torproject.org
Tue Aug 1 03:31:35 UTC 2017

On 7/31/17 19:53, isis agora lovecruft wrote:
> isabela transcribed 3.2K bytes:
>> Dear people,
>> I am thinking of moving this meeting to monday august 7 at 1400 utc
>> #tor-project irc channel..
> Don't change the time because of me, since it's nigh impossible to
> accomodate Australia, west and east coast of North America, and western
> Europe simultaneously, but just pointing out this is early enough west coast
> time that I'm not very functional (or wouldn't be functional the remainder
> of the day).
> I'm happy to provide my 2ยข before/after, if that is helpful.
> Best,

TBH this was just a random suggestion we can totally change this time
and day. Any suggestions are welcomed!

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