[tor-project] Notes from April 20 2017 Vegas team meeting

Karsten Loesing karsten at torproject.org
Mon Apr 24 10:05:07 UTC 2017

Notes for April 20 2017 meeting:

1) Support portal
1.1) adding lots of content, figuring out how it'll fit with the the
rest of the website redesign
1.2) we still don't have a timeline/date for a testing site because
we're waiting to hear about the funding first
1.3) we're meeting weekly about this and the outreach portal
2) Outreach portal
2.1) began sitemapping and organizing content ideas (training,
brochures, localization)
3) Global South
3.1) researching GS meeting locations for March 2018 or September 2018
3.2) ilv set up a new bandwidth server in Santiago
3.3) LFP made it to round two of the Lush Digital Fund, which could get
us about $12k for Global South outreach
3.4) connected NoiseTor to ilv to make plans for Global South relay support
3.5) we now have two comms channels for Global South chatter: #tor-south
and tor-south at lists.tpo
4) Trainings
4.1) Sukhbir is speaking about Tor at Google India's Open Data Camp in
4.2) ilv is speaking at Cryptorave
4.3) LFP trainings
4.3.1) last week: Tennessee Library Association Conference, Univ of
Michigan, Political Research Associates, ALA
4.3.2) upcoming: New Jersey Library Association Conference, New
Hampshire Library Association Conference
4.4) second Rocnation Tor training is May 10
5) commsdir interviews
6) connecting with some people in Turkey about Tor blocking
7) social contract vote ends 25 April
8) Phoul is working with Jon to send tshirts and stickers to active
Transifex translators
9) reviewing results from the Tor Meeting survey and starting to plan
for Montreal
10) next: LFP is working on a survey of all our participating libraries
to find out what Tor stuff they're doing
11) traveling next week, the week after, and a lot throughout May, now
that I think about it

1) On vacation this week
2) All's well!
3) I owe Isabela a bunch of answers for different spreadsheets and
things once I'm back.

1) Where are we on the new blog?
2) I'm going to update the sponsors page soon; let me know of any new
3) There's a recent press request that it would be wise for somebody to
4) I'll be traveling much of the next two weeks.

1) Working on netflow and adaptive padding patches
2) Reading about and learning Rust

1) The OONI team is applying to the CitizenLab Summer Institute
2) Making progress on the probe orchestration and data processing pipeline
3) SuperQ is helping us setup better monitoring of our infrastructure

1) roadmap + dependencies track process started with network, tbb,
metrics and ux teams - I wonder if OONI and Community want to do this too
2) starting to pick up NSF stuff this week / hopefully this work will be
organized (eventually) within network team's roadmap
3) writing an article about orbot and orfox to a brazuka magazine/newsletter

1) New Tor Browser releases got out; 7.0a3 alpha is the first one based
on Firefox 52 ESR
2) We stopped the hardened Tor Browser series; blog post etc. should go
out soon
3) Bug bounty program is moving slowly towards being publicly available

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